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Each of the following clues describes two words. One of the words is a type of construction tool. The other word is that tool with one of the following changes: a letter added anywhere (awl bawl), a letter deleted anywhere (plane plan), a letter changed anywhere (giblet gimlet). There is no rearrangement of the other letters. No tool is used more than once.

1) This is a sage tool.
2) This is a dancing tool.
3) This is a grieving tool.
4) This is a tool that is used to dry things.
5) This tool is used for defamation.
6) This tool is a cooking utensil.
7) This tool is a local magistrate.
8) This tool is used to keep a mollusk from opening its shell.
9) This is a morally despicable tool.
10) This is a ditch for a tool.
11) This is a large basket for a tool.
12) These bridge supports are made of tools.


1) wise vise
2) ballet mallet
3) sad saw
4) towel trowel
5) slander sander
6) grill drill
7) squire square
8) clam clamp
9) vile file
10) wrench trench
11) hammer hamper
12) pliers piers

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