Angela White is done hiding behind Blac Chyna. She couldn't love herself more

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Not long after that, White posted video of herself getting her fillers removed on her social media. The six-minute video is not for the needle phobic, as White films herself lying down calmly with her eyes closed as a doctor inserts a needle into her cheeks and her lips and even jiggles it around to dissolve the fillers. Viewers can slowly see White’s face turning back to its natural state. White has had to go back several times for additional treatments to remove the fillers.

The key things a woman considering surgeries to remove enhancements need to think about, White says, include finding a reputable doctor, not going abroad for cheaper rates and realizing that complications might not crop up until later. She pointed out that not every doctor she’s consulted with is willing to help repair complications.

White said the videos have had an effect, with some women simply walking up to her and giving her hugs. Many have expressed appreciation that she‘s talked about her own surgeries. White said she has no regrets about her cosmetic procedures but believes she got lucky. The most complications she had were with her butt shots, when she would sometimes become ill with flu-like symptoms. She said that years ago, she was in a hospital for a week due to surgery complications. Some of her face fillers migrated.

“I’ve had like a lot of women come up to me and say I was literally two weeks out, like I was about to get this surgery and I was like, ‘Nah. I’m good,’” White said. “It’s just sad that the girls, even after I posted my surgery, I physically went on my Instagram, on my socials, and I’ve seen women pass away from it and I’m like, ‘Yo, how many times are surgeons not going to be careful in their work?’”

White went back in late December for additional breast reduction surgery. But she posted on Instagram that there were complications with her left breast becoming encapsulated, with the muscle contracting around her implant. White said she had to keep an implant. Otherwise, her breast would not be properly shaped.


She said months before she wanted them to be smaller as she hopes for more acting roles. Within the next few years she plans to get out of the reality television world. She couldn’t get the size she wanted initially during her first breast reduction surgery because the skin had to heal after the surgery. She emphasizes that she wanted them “just a little bit smaller” and slightly lower. It was never about being a specific size.

But she hopes this is the last time she has to do any procedures.

“If I remove anything else, I’m gonna remove myself,” White joked.

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