In 'One Day,' a new Emma and Dexter bring angst and yearning (again and again)

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Mod: We met at the chemistry reads. I read with two or three other Dexters that day, you read with a few different Emmas that day. And chemistry reads are always weird because, by that point, anyone who has been called to that round could play the part. It's just about chemistry and that's just not in your control. It's so hard to be aware of whether or not it's present because you'll know that's being tested for.

Woodall: What were the scenes? There was the wedding scene ...

Mod: Yeah, the wedding scene, the Primrose Hill scene, and the bedroom scene from Episode 1.

Woodall: It is very weird. Like Ambika said, it is out of your control whether you have chemistry with someone or not. Maybe it's a bit of a lottery, I don't know. But we both were just playing our parts as truthfully as we could and hoped that that would work. I forced a couple of chemistry moments — I told Ambika that I really liked her shoes. It didn't quite land as like, "Oh, these two are really vibing."

Mod: Did you get in trouble for that?

Woodall: I did kind of get into trouble for that. I can say it now. But, yeah, I remember hearing that I should focus a bit more.


Mod: You do, though, try and force banter in those situations. It's like, we need to be twins separated at birth. This needs to be perfect. So, of course, you force that stuff, especially when you're not in the scene and you just want to do everything in your favor. Chemistry is either there or it's not. You can't build it. You can't fake it.

Woodall: Do you remember in the maze scene, they hug and there's a moment where they're so close to each other, and we had just met —

Mod: And they kiss in the scene, but in the chemistry read, they were like, "Don't kiss!" So we just had to be really, really close to each other. And it was a bit weird because we just met.

Q: Is there much time for conversation before you're going into a chemistry read or you're just thrown in?


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