Spotify Wrapped -- where everyone is insufferable about their listening habits -- is back again. Here's how to see your results

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Be honest, how many times did you listen to Jordan Mailata and Patti LaBelle’s cover of “This Christmas”? Even if you don’t want to tell us, your Spotify data might rat you out.

The music platform’s annual Spotify Wrapped — a deep dive into its users’ listening habits, packaged into a glitzy summary — is back for its seventh year, leaving the internet with mixed feelings.

Some audiophiles wait for this moment with bated breath while others try their best to avoid it, going as far as muting terms like wrapped on their social media feeds ahead of time.

The annual release features a series of aesthetically pleasing, shareable graphics that give insight into the listener’s tastes — for better or worse.

Wrapped calls out users for songs they’ve listened to on repeat and other potentially mockable habits. Do you share your account with your kids and they listen to the Wiggles constantly? Wrapped saw it. Did you listen to Taylor Swift’s "1989 (Taylor’s Version)" bonus tracks an embarrassing number of times? Wrapped saw that, too.

Here’s what else you need to know.


How do I see and share my Spotify Wrapped?

To see your Spotify Wrapped, users can use either the mobile or web browser versions of the music streaming service. It is not available to view on the desktop app.

Here are the steps to take:

1. Open Spotify on your phone. A prompt to see your 2023 Wrapped should be visible from the home page of the app. If it isn’t, or you’re using a web browser, visit www.spotify.com/us/wrapped.


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