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The bubble has burst for many TV shows as they wrap up their run. Oh, the horror. Only one more season of "Riverdale." How can I live without Jughead?

"The Voice" will continue without Kelly Clarkson. But Blake Shelton's wife Gwen Stefani is back. Jennifer Hudson, who spent a year on the show, is having her own daily talk show. "Dancing with the Stars" is going from network to streaming. When the show started it really had stars. Now the contestants belong on milk cartons.

CBS killed "B Positive" with its newest plots. It started out when an alcoholic woman in need of money was selling her kidney to a man in need of a transplant. It was marvelous. The next season, she inherited a million bucks, and he had the transplant. Good news for them. Bad for viewers.

Netflix is shedding shows faster than it is losing viewers, and the numbers are lower every day.

"Bull" is out after six seasons. Even Michael Weatherly could not save it.

How can I help you? Well, Dr. Max Goodwin, you can't after this season, as you are gone. I am crying. Loved "New Amsterdam" and its star Ryan Eggold.

Peter needs to send out his saber of light. "Roswell, New Mexico" is not just moving out of state but off the map.

"How We Roll" was a gutter ball, and bowlers are ready to strike. Who thought this was a good idea?

"American Housewife" is getting a divorce. Too bad the star Diedrich Bader is the best -- on the show and on Twitter.


"Ellen's Game of Games," like its star, is gone. When her "I am such a nice girl" act was exposed as not so nice, her daytime show was canceled. She was really mean on her game show. That was not an act.

"The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" is going on hiatus. It will come back for one season, and then Mrs. Maisel will take her final bow.

"Kenan" is gone, although the show's star and namesake Kenan Thompson will stay on "Saturday Night Live." The days are gone when star power would keep on a show. Bette Midler, Rock Hudson and Jim Nabors lasted one season. Game shows "Card Sharks" and "Celebrity Dating Game" are gone.

I don't mean to be cruel. A show cancellation is always sad, not just for the stars or the viewers who enjoyed them but for all the backstage people -- producers, caterers, interns, writers.

Kelly Monaco's (Sam on "General Hospital") Los Angeles home was destroyed by a fire. She was unhurt. Her house suffered hundreds of thousands worth of damage. She told TMZ she woke up and saw her front yard burning. The flames started because someone threw a cigarette on an empty lot next to her house. She went on to say she was stunned that a discarded cigarette could cause so much damage. She is thrilled to be safe but is sad about the house. No word on where she is staying as she waits to move back in. Not only was the structure ruined, so were its contents. Monaco joked in her 23 years on a soap none of the characters she played went through anything like this. The writers never thought of this.


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