'Wynonna Earp's' star worried about directing. Turns out it's her 'superpower'

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As Wynonna Earp, Melanie Scrofano has faced demons, family drama, complicated romantic entanglements and even a mysterious being in the Garden of Eden.

Sunday's episode of "Wynonna Earp" saw Scrofano tackle a new challenge, this one behind the camera: Season 4's "Look at Them Beans" was the first time the Syfy series' star has served as the director of a full episode.

"We had such a great prep session so I felt quite prepared," Scrofano says of the first day of filming. "I knew that the cast would have my back, and I knew that the crew would have my back."

Showrunner Emily Andras describes Scrofano's episode as "insane."

"Her episode is really crazy," says Andras. "It was really challenging, and when you see it, you'll see why ... but she absolutely nailed it."

Scrofano's journey to the director's chair started way back during Season 1. She recounts how when she was sitting at a lunch table feeling insecure one day, Tim Rozon -- "Wynonna Earp's" immortal gunslinger Doc Holliday -- told her "Melanie, the universe doesn't give you anything you can't handle."


"That, for me, was a changing moment in the way I approached the show," says Scrofano. "Then, just totally off the cuff, he was like, 'So are you gonna direct?' I was totally taken aback by the question. I never would have had the confidence to even ask myself that question. ... He really planted the seed in Season 1 and then it sort of just didn't leave my mind."

She's quick to credit many others who supported her along the way, including Syfy executive Josh Van Houdt and crew members like camera operator A. Jonathan Benny, who talked her through different camera lenses back in Season 2.

During Season 3, Scrofano shadowed director Paolo Barzman, who surprised her by having her direct a scene for one of his episodes.

Still, when it came to directing her first full episode, Scrofano admits she "was terrified of dropping the ball."


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