Sex, Bono and depression: How Haim embraced chaos and made their most revealing album yet

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"You and I don't have to meet/ But it's fun to think we could/ On the screen and in my jeans/ Just make me feel good," she sings over a throbbing R&B beat in "3 A.M." Then there's the video for "The Steps," in which she saunters into a bathroom in her underwear.

"This is where I get off the call," Este said with a laugh when the women were asked about the clip. "Hmm, I don't know," Danielle added. "Maybe I was more shy about that stuff in the past. But I think in general everyone's like, 'Free the nipple.'"

"Why not?" Este asked. "But can I say that the bigger news is that Danielle is actually talking on this record cycle?"

"It just comes down to us being the most confident we've ever been with our music," said Danielle. "And about how we look."

Has that sense of liberation helped ease the disquiet that led Danielle to Haim's new songs -- and which the pandemic threatens to extend as it keeps the band offstage?


"Not necessarily," she replied. "But this album is an embrace of the chaos."

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