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It was akin to a Saint Valentine's Day Massacre on "Days of Our Lives." Feb. 18 is Casey Moss' (JJ) last day. After seven years with the show, the actor decided it was time to seek other acting gigs. He is an amazing actor, one of the few I think should leave and see what is out there. JJ heads to Africa when he learns his grandfather Bill Horton has died.

The exit of three more "Days" actors was not by choice. In fact, Galen Gering (Rafe), Chandler Massey (Will) and Freddie Smith (Sonny) were blindsided.

On social media, Gehring thanks the fans and all the years he enjoyed on the show. Rafe was a truly good guy, not boring, great-looking and a member of several Salem families.

On Freddie's podcast, Freddie and Chandler said they felt they had lots of story to tell. I agreed. Sami is Will's mother. Freddie is the son of legacy character Justin. The two played the love torn gay couple for years. Last year, the show was picked up for another year. Rumors of budget cuts to get the renewal swirled. Sometimes rumors are true. Sadly, this one is.

If you meet a better game show host or human being than Drew Carey, let me know. I do not think it possible. "The Price Is Right" host suffered a major loss earlier this week. His ex-fiance was pushed to her death by an ex-boyfriend. The tragedy happened days after a restraining order had been lifted. Stunned by the death, Carey will not be taping the show on its usual Tuesday and Wednesday schedule. The audience for the show has been notified. Carey has asked for privacy to deal with the loss.

Another loss. Orson Bean, the husband of Alley Mills (Pam, "The Bold and the Beautiful") was struck and killed while jaywalking in LA. The due met when her "Wonder Years" co-star Dan Lauria invited her to see a play he was in. At the play she met Orson Bean. There was a 25-year age difference. Neither cared. They were married for several decades.


I have a soft spot for Bean. A droll comedian and a regular on game shows, he was part of my childhood. He would shred a newspaper and turn it in to a eucalyptus tree. When someone was sick, he said they had the Gaboon vipers. When I had a childhood milady, I called it that. Having a funny name for chicken pox made the itching easier to take. He also gave me my first "how to catch a man" tip. He said put vanilla behind your ears. You will smell like baking cookies. No man could resist that aroma.

This has been a horrible time for Mills. Just last month, she was told the lemon bar-baking Pam was off contract.


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