'American Idol' stage manager defends Ryan Seacrest

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The drama surrounding harassment allegations against Ryan Seacrest continues to unfurl, as a new voice is added to the conversation.

Longtime 'American Idol' stage manager Debbie Williams, who has worked with the host for 15 years, spoke to the Wrap recently to defend Seacrest,

"If I thought for a second,' Ooh, I've seen things,' I would call him out. But nothing. Ever. Nothing," Williams said. "The crew was all talking at the Oscars, and everybody -- audio people, camera guys, everybody -- went, 'We have never thought this guy was anything but a class act."

Accusations of sexual harassment first surfaced against Seacrest in November, made by former E! News personal stylist Suzie Hardy, who last week came forward last month with a detailed account of her version of events.

Seacrest has repeatedly denied all of Hardy's accusations against him, and a third-party E! investigation spanning two months found insufficient evidence to support the allegations.

A former co-worker of Hardy's spoke off the record last week to Kate Snow of NBC News, supporting parts of Hardy's account.

Williams told the Wrap that her immediate reaction to hearing Hardy's accusations was simple: "I call BS on this whole thing."

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"I was in his dressing room constantly," Williams said. "I thought about it, and there was never a time when there weren't several people in there."

"He was always doing five things at once," she continued. "He wasn't just getting his makeup on or putting his clothes on -- he was making a deal, talking to somebody on the phone."

Representatives for Seacrest did not immediately respond to The Times' request for comment on Tuesday morning.

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