My worst moment: 'Scandal's' Scott Foley gets hot under the collar

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"When I'm onstage -- I've done Broadway and off-Broadway shows -- it doesn't happen. I don't know what it is, there's just specific moments where I feel like someone's looking at me when I'm doing something that I shouldn't be looked at for.

"The weird thing about the Mimi Leder audition is that they were supposed to be watching me, but I felt like instead of watching me do the audition they were seeing what their idea of what 'Scott Foley' would bring to the table, if that makes sense -- and he brought his absolute worst and never went back!"


"Here's what I do now: I will usually show up to an audition, if it's a big audition, in-character. And I'll ask the assistant if, when I go in the room, we can just do the scene first. So I've tried to reverse the order of how things go: I do my performance and do everything that I've prepared for them first, and then we can chitchat and you can decide if you like me or not after that.

"I've been doing this for 25 years, and there's a rhythm that happens with auditions and meetings. I've been in these waiting rooms with the same guys for 25 years, all of us auditioning for these roles, so I know them and we'll catch up -- but I'll no longer ask how their wives are and all that when I first arrive.


"I'll stand in the hallway apart from everyone and wait until they call my name. I'll go in, do my thing, we chitchat and then I come out and say hi to all the guys. And everybody understands, we all have our own process. But it took me a while to figure that out."

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