Lucy Liu gets personal on fame, art and standing up for herself on the 'Charlie's Angels' set

Growing up in Queens, New York, Lucy Liu felt like she was from another planet — until she found the arts. But when the fiercely independent daughter of Chinese immigrants set her sights on acting, she was told repeatedly she wouldn’t make it in Hollywood, where opportunities for Asian American talent were scant.

“A lot of people said to ...Read more

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Scarlett Johansson sues Disney over 'Black Widow' release. Will more suits follow?

LOS ANGELES — Add one more person unhappy with Walt Disney Co.'s release plan for “Black Widow” — its star.

Scarlett Johansson has sued Disney over its controversial release strategy for the Marvel Studios film accusing the company of breaching its contract with her by debuting the superhero movie on Disney+ and in theaters at the same ...Read more

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Marilyn Manson files to dismiss actor Esme Bianco's sexual-assault lawsuit

LOS ANGELES — Disgraced musician Marilyn Manson, who has been accused by several women of sexual assault and abuse, is trying to dismiss a lawsuit filed by "Game of Thrones" actor Esme Bianco accusing him of sexual assault, sexual battery and human trafficking.

In a motion filed Wednesday in a Los Angeles court and obtained Thursday by the ...Read more


Review: Part 'Raiders,' part 'African Queen,' 'Jungle Cruise' is a fun ride

Now that Disney has followed "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Haunted Mansion" and "The Country Bears" with "Jungle Cruise," it's probably only a matter of time before we get "Standing in Line for a Belgian Waffle on Olde Main Street."

These movies-based-on-Disneyland-attractions are cash-grabby brand extensions that feel cynical the moment they're...Read more

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Review: In thoughtful 'Stillwater,' characters get second chances

There's a lot going on in "Stillwater" but its heart is an unusual father/daughter story.

They're not nuts about each other, for starters. When we first see Oklahoma oil rig worker Bill (Matt Damon) with daughter Allison (Abigail Breslin), it's clear their relationship is strained. They're in a Marseille prison, where she has spent five years ...Read more

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Oscar winner's new movie follows Matt Damon's character wherever he goes

"Stillwater" is a movie, but it's heavily influenced by podcasts.

The way the drama tells its story of an American father in France, trying to get his imprisoned daughter's murder conviction overturned, owes a lot to the techniques in popular pods such as "S-Town," where the plot constantly resets itself and where bits of information are doled ...Read more

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Jodie Whittaker to leave 'Doctor Who' along with showrunner

Who will take over?

“Doctor Who” star Jodie Whittaker will leave the role of the titular Time Lord in fall 2022, BBC News confirmed Thursday.

The ”Black Mirror” actress, 39, has starred in the BBC sci-fi drama since 2018 and will be leaving alongside Chris Chibnall, who has served as showrunner since 2016, according to the outlet.

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Scarlett Johansson reportedly sues Disney over 'Black Widow' digital release

Scarlett Johansson reportedly filed a lawsuit against Disney over the streaming release of her superhero movie “Black Widow.”

The legal filing contends the Marvel movie’s deal had specified “Black Widow” would be released exclusively in theaters, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The movie came out both in theaters and on the Disney+...Read more

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Netflix's 'Myth & Mogul: John DeLorean' takes a hard look at the notorious Detroit auto icon

A sympathetic devil posing next a DeLorean? Even the man whose name is on the vehicle might have appreciated the metaphor of an Instagram photo shared last week by actor Tom Ellis, who plays the suave title character in "Lucifer."

In a sneak peek of the sixth and final season of the Fox-turned-Netflix TV series, a dapper Ellis is shown leaning ...Read more

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Nina Metz: Showtime's 'The Chi' had real potential, where did it go? What Chicago story is it telling as Season 4 ends?

By any measure, hitting the four-season mark is a decent marker of success for a television show. But the Showtime drama “The Chi,” which airs its Season 4 finale Sunday, has been one of strangest examples of a series that started with so much promise, only to devolve into something almost unrecognizable from the show that premiered in 2018....Read more

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Review: 'All the Streets Are Silent' tries to say too much in too little time

A new documentary depicts the late-'80s/early-'90s New York scene through which several eventual pro skateboarders and some soon-to-be giant hip-hop stars passed. It works as a snapshot of a place and time but, as its mouthful of a title implies, "All the Streets Are Silent: The Convergence of Hip-Hop and Skateboarding (1987-1997)" tries to cram...Read more

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Comic 'Fluffy' Iglesias talks about kicking off world tour following bout with COVID

Gabe Iglesias got an unwanted gift for his birthday. Just before turning 45 a few weeks ago, the comedian best known as "Fluffy" came down with COVID-19, which forced him to cut short a nearly monthlong residency in San Antonio and threatened his scheduled appearance Saturday in Minnesota.

But Iglesias is keeping his at Treasure Island Casino ...Read more

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Review: In 'The Green Knight,' heads roll, especially yours

In theaters this weekend, a creeping crown lands from the sky upon a man’s head and consumes him in fire. Giants striding a canyon refuse calls for a ride. And a tree asks to play a game, and if there’s a lesson to be learned, it’s maybe just ... don’t do that?

Modern livin’ doesn’t mean the old fables are done with us.

Sometimes ...Read more

Television Q&A: Where are the dance shows?

You have questions. I have some answers.

Q: What happened to “So You Think You Can Dance” for this summer? Also, Jennifer Lopez’s dance show.

A: A profile of “SYTYCD’s” Nigel Lythgoe in Variety earlier this summer said the show’s “highly anticipated” return “is still to be determined; (but) the last season wrapped up with a...Read more

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Forty years ago, MTV changed music forever. These four rock icons remember all too well

When it debuted on Aug. 1, 1981, MTV was a business and technology experiment without much downside and without much chance of succeeding.

Warner Amex Satellite Entertainment Co., only slightly better known as WASEC, was a joint venture between Warner Communications and American Express. Their goal was to sell goods and financial services, ...Read more

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Commentary: Woodstock '99 wasn't as bad as mud-splattered new HBO film makes it

I remember Willie Nelson singing beautiful gospel songs to the very unwashed masses on Sunday. I remember Bootsy Clinton reuniting with George Clinton for a thrilling P-Funk set. I remember Rage Against the Machine sparking what seemed like the biggest mosh pit ever on planet Earth.

I even recall Alanis Morissette bringing some much-needed ...Read more


'Jungle Cruise' review: Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt head up 'Pirates of the Caribbean' without a paddle

Four minutes into what feels like a four-week, no-expenses-paid “Jungle Cruise,” Emily Blunt’s character — a swashbuckling botanist, romancing a priceless Amazonian stone arrowhead — is sneaking around a London explorer’s society laboratory, trying not to be seen as she purloins the artifact, Indiana Jones style.

A first-rate comic ...Read more

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Jack White launches new website to highlight his work as a designer

Detroit musician Jack White on Wednesday launched his new website jackwhiteartanddesign.com to showcase some of his non-musical artistic achievements.

Described as a "comprehensive new multimedia website," it details his creative endeavors over the past 20 years that include industrial and interior design, furniture and upholstery, graphic ...Read more

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'Open with a funeral, end with a gunshot': Inside the original 'Behind the Music'

When Bret Michaels and members of “Rock of Love’s” Season 2 cast traded sweet nothings about their experiences on VH1’s popular reality series for the taping of a post-season postmortem, I’m certain the word “awesome” was uttered more than once. But the details are fuzzy. This was 2009, after all, and I had bigger things to worry ...Read more


My worst moment: Abigail Breslin and the time she mistakenly impersonated Jane Goodall

Abigail Breslin stars with Matt Damon in the drama “Stillwater,” a fictional story that, at first glance, bears some resemblance to the real life story of Amanda Knox.

“There are definitely parallels,” said Breslin, “but I don’t want to say it’s based on it. The film is about a guy who is an oil rig worker and he has a daughter ...Read more