NFL offers free access to Game Pass amid coronavirus

With sports fans cooped up inside amid the coronavirus pandemic, the NFL decided to do something to help them pass the time.

The NFL is offering complimentary access to NFL Game Pass through May 31 in the U.S., according to a press release.

Viewers can watch past regular and postseason games (including Super Bowls), previous seasons of award-...Read more

Streaming TV: Free options and deals for when you're sheltering at home

The coronavirus pandemic and its attendant shelter-in-place edict haven't kept people from becoming complete indoor hermits. It's still OK to go to the grocery store, and, if anything, the current situation has led to a surge in people going out for a simple walk around their neighborhoods.

But we're all spending more time than usual indoors. ...Read more

Movie novels are still around, and they aren't all trash — just ask the Chicagoans who wrote them

CHICAGO -- Recently, during C2E2 at McCormick Place, the Random House imprint Del Rey, which publishes Lucasfilm-licensed "Star Wars" books, made an unusual choice and offered the novelization of "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" three weeks early. And so, visitors to the Chicago comic con bought up hundreds of copies, within a few hours.

Then...Read more

Readers flock to apocalyptic fiction amid coronavirus outbreak

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Rachel Colby's choice for a recent Sunday night movie was hardly the sort of escapism that many people seek in times of crisis. Instead, it was the all-too-real 2011 Matt Damon movie "Contagion."

But rather than add to any possible distress due to the current coronavirus crisis, the film about a deadly infection spreading ...Read more

Commentary: Trump's daily briefings are short on facts. The nightly news stepped into the breach

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo pleaded directly to the cameras. "Please come help us," he asked during a live news conference Monday, appealing to health care workers outside the state to come to New York and help fight the worst coronavirus outbreak in the nation.

It was an extraordinary moment in a pileup of seismic events that were unthinkable ...Read more

List of DVD release dates for March 31 and beyond

Following is a partial schedule of coming movies on DVD. Release dates are subject to change:


31: Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker

31: The Current War

31: Coda

31: Mr. Robot: Season 4

31: Standing Up, Falling Down

31: The Purge: Season Two

31: VFW


7: Little Women

7: Dolittle

7: Cats

7: Escape from Pretoria...Read more

Would Mister Rogers know how to make us feel better right now?

Joanne Rogers has been getting a lot of phone calls lately. Which makes sense, because she is 92, and lives alone in an apartment in Pittsburgh, and everyone wants to make sure she is OK.

She is OK, by the way -- she's self-isolating, has plenty of friends who are willing to drop off groceries and has no symptoms of the coronavirus.

But there'...Read more

Binge-worthy TV: Shark Week … in a weekend!

In this age of shelter-in-place restrictions, TV programmers are scrambling to find inventive ways to seize your attention while you're housebound.

And so the Discovery Channel is inviting you to "sit back, relax and put your fins up" for a "Shark Week in a Weekend" binge session.

Yes, television's longest-running summer TV event will swim ...Read more

They were supposed to build stages for Coachella. Now they're building coronavirus triage tents

LOS ANGELES -- Right now, Ryan Choura should be celebrating another busy South by Southwest and BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament and preparing for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in two weeks.

Choura, the 41-year-old founder of the Torrance-based production firm Choura Events, builds tents, staging and facilities for tens of ...Read more

Trump's tweet makes Harry and Meghan's LA move even more fraught

Twelve days ago, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle showed a desire to carve out a high-profile role for themselves amid the coronavirus epidemic. Newly unmoored from the royal family, they used their popular Sussex Royal Instagram account to promote compassion, inspiration and themselves as trusted sources of accurate information about COVID-19.

...Read more

John Prine still hospitalized with COVID-19 but is now stable, his wife says

John Prine, the esteemed Americana singer-songwriter who has been hospitalized in critical condition since Thursday with COVID-19, is now stable, his wife said Monday on social media.

"I have recovered from Covid-19," Fiona Whelan Prine tweeted. "We are humbled by the outpouring of love for me and John and our precious family. He is stabile. ...Read more

John Krasinski and Steve Carell stage mini 'Office' reunion on uplifting new YouTube show

Everybody stay calm. Everybody stay calm!

Steve Carell and John Krasinski had a mini "Office" reunion over the weekend as part of a new YouTube series launched by the latter in search of "Some Good News" amid the coronavirus crisis. In an effort to lift spirits, Krasinski touched on several heartwarming stories that have emerged during an ...Read more

TV host Andy Cohen is 'back and healthy' while recovering from coronavirus

Ten days after revealing his diagnosis, "Watch What Happens Live" host Andy Cohen is recovering from the coronavirus illness and will be back on Sirius XM radio and TV starting Monday.

"WWHL@Home" will be broadcast from Cohen's apartment in New York City's West Village, as had been announced March 20, the same day Cohen announced he had tested ...Read more

Shaq defends self in 'Tiger King' backlash, saying Joe Exotic is 'not my friend'

Shaquille O'Neal is clawing his way out of controversy surrounding his surprise appearance in the hit Netflix docuseries "Tiger King."

On the latest episode of "The Big Podcast With Shaq," the NBA superstar addressed the backlash he has received for once supporting Joe "Tiger King" Exotic, who is currently serving time in an Oklahoma prison for...Read more

Review: Absurd and awful, Adult Swim is no escape. But it makes surreal times less strange

Adult Swim, the programming bloc that shares space with Cartoon Network -- coming in after dark like a disreputable cousin with a flask in its back pocket -- is a place where the banal meets the bizarre. There is little of obvious comfort in the askew world it presents, except perhaps that in its cheery embrace of absurdity and awfulness, it may...Read more

TV pilots, a big employer in L.A., are in limbo. How the coronavirus could change the industry

LOS ANGELES -- This year's batch of TV pilots included some ominous names: "Triage," "Wreckage" and "Housebroken."

Now, those show titles also describe network TV's pilot season, which has been upended by the coronavirus outbreak.

Broadcast networks ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and the CW were gearing up to employ thousands of workers in Los Angeles; ...Read more

David Schramm, veteran of the stage and TV's 'Wings,' dies at 73

David Schramm, the veteran stage actor best known for playing rival airline owner Roy Biggins on "Wings," died over the weekend in New York. He was 73.

The news was confirmed by the New York-based The Acting Company, of which Schramm was a founding member. The cause of death is not yet known.

"We mourn his loss and will miss him," said Acting ...Read more

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood will host a live concert on CBS after Facebook crash

With many cities across the nation adhering to either shelter-in-place or stay-at-home orders as the coronavirus pandemic rages on, Hollywood has had to get creative.

Last week, Miguel, James Blake and the duo Chloe X Halle broadcast hourlong concerts from their homes on Instagram Live attracting tens of thousands of viewers. Sunday, Garth ...Read more

Elton John, Billie Eilish, Mariah Carey lead a heartfelt, socially distant coronavirus telethon

The most comforting thing about Sunday night's "Living Room Concert for America" -- an all-star musical fundraiser hosted by Elton John and broadcast on Fox -- wasn't Alicia Keys using her song "Underdog" to salute the first responders putting their lives at risk to protect people from COVID-19. Nor was it the brief message of sympathy Lady Gaga...Read more

'What would Steven want?' 'Steven Universe Future' creator breaks down the finale

The following contains spoilers from the finale of "Steven Universe Future."

Happily ever after, here we are. It's been quite the journey.

In "Steven Universe Future," hero Steven Quartz Cutie-pie DeMayo Diamond Universe learns that there are certain repercussions to a childhood spent fighting to save the galaxy.

The limited epilogue series, ...Read more