Gifts for the very online person in your life

Arit John, Los Angeles Times on

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If your coffee lover already has every tool and gadget you can think of, just get them more coffee. We like this three month subscription from L.A.'s Go Get Em Tiger, but there's also goodboybob, Patria Coffee and YesPlz.

$112 | gget.com

Polaroid Go starter set

iPhone cameras have come a long way (or so I've heard, I'm still on the iPhone 7), but sometimes it's nice to put your phone away and leave with a physical copy of the picture.

$119 | us.polaroid.com

Copper Dry Brush from Nourish by the Now


The Now, an L.A.-based massage parlor, created its copper dry brush to help "combat the environmental stressors of modern life while elevating your beauty and wellness routine." Dry brushing isn't a miracle cure, but its benefits include exfoliation and boosting circulation.

$42 | henowmassage.com

Home & Away Lotion kit from Supergoop!

A lighthearted gift that says: I love you, now go outside.

$77 | supergoop.com