This Thanksgiving, make turkey better

Daniel Neman, St. Louis Post-Dispatch on

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I may never eat turkey again.

I don’t want it for Thanksgiving. I don’t want it for Christmas. I don’t want to have a turkey sandwich sometime next summer with a bowl of fresh tomato soup, although that does sound kind of good.

I’m done with turkey for ever and ever. Or at least for the time being.

Thanksgiving is next week, if you can believe it, and for the inevitable How-to-Prepare-Turkey-for-Thanksgiving article I decided to cook it three different ways. I cooked them all the same day, and naturally, I had to eat them the same day, too.

I may never eat turkey again. But I loved it while I was eating it.

Naturally, for that inevitable story, I did not want to prepare it the ordinary way — roasting it unadorned in the oven, or maybe with some stuffing. That’s dreary and predictable. I wanted turkey with a little pizzazz.


So I made Peking-Style Roast Turkey with Molasses-Soy Glaze and Orange-Ginger Gravy. And I made Citrus and Herb Stuffed Turkey Breast. And I made Roast Turkey With Spicy Rub, which sounds pedestrian compared to the other two, but most decidedly was not.

For starters, the recipe came from the folks at Butterball. They may have a silly name, but you have to admit that they know all you would ever want to know about turkey.

And among the things they know is how to create a spice rub that complements the flavor of the turkey and brings it out to the best advantage without overpowering it.

All it takes is a bit of brown sugar. A dusting of chili powder. A dash of cumin. A sprinkling of red pepper flakes.


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