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'I'm sorry': David DePape resentenced to 30 years for attack on Pelosi family

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SAN FRANCISCO — The man convicted of attempting to kidnap former U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and violently attacking her husband with a hammer in an October 2022 assault issued an apology on Tuesday before a federal judge again sentenced him to 30 years in prison.

Wearing his orange jail jumpsuit and reading from a white sheet of paper while standing next to his attorneys, David Wayne DePape said he felt "horrible for hurting Mr. Pelosi," and pledged to "never do anything violent like that to anyone ever again."

"I'm sorry for what I did, especially what I did to Paul Pelosi," DePape said. "I should have never hurt him."

DePape had already been sentenced to three decades in federal prison by Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley during a May 17 hearing that should have concluded a high-profile case of political extremism.

But Scott Corley agreed to reopen the sentencing hearing after federal prosecutors noted that she had forgotten to give DePape, 44, an opportunity to make a statement. Federal criminal rules of procedure require the court to "address the defendant personally in order to permit the defendant to speak or present any information to mitigate the sentence."

Scott Corley apologized to DePape, the attorneys and victims at the start of the Tuesday hearing, saying she was "truly sorry for my mistake."


"I want to apologize for you having to be here this morning," she said. "It's completely on me."

The judge pledged to set aside her original sentencing and consider DePape's statement in her new ruling, before ultimately reimposing the 30-year sentence.

Scott Corley called the crime "unprecedented" and said it was imperative to deter "copycats" and ensure they get the message that "you cannot go and break into the speaker of the House's home and hold her spouse hostage and then assault him. Or any politician for that matter."

"The message has to be out there that it is absolutely unacceptable to our democracy," she said.


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