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Man being held in Arizona tried again and again to kill sex worker in NYC hotel room, prosecutors say

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NEW YORK — Raad Almansoori, the man accused of killing a Queens mom and sex worker in a Manhattan hotel, tried again and again to end her life before finally succeeding, authorities said at a Monday court hearing in Arizona, where he remains held without bond.

The suspect is accused of brutally murdering Denisse Oleas-Arancibia in a room on the 11th floor of the SoHo 54 hotel. Bits of plastic were found embedded in her head and a bloody iron was next to her when her body was discovered Feb. 8, according to authorities.

After a dispute over how long he would stay in the hotel room, Almansoori began choking her with his hands and forearms, Jeremy Goebel, a Surprise, Arizona, police detective said Monday.

The attacker tried to snap her neck, turning it from side to side, and hit her in the head with an iron multiple times, he added. Almansoori then tried to suffocate Oleas-Arancibia with a sock and blanket, according to Goebel.

“In his words, ‘She just wouldn’t die,’” said the prosecutor questioning the detective.

Following Oleas-Arancibia’s murder, Almansoori, 26, fled to Arizona, where he was arrested Feb. 18 for stabbing two other women.


Upon his arrest, he indicated to cops that he’d come from New York because he was on the run after the murder.

“Not a single woman on this planet likes me so I was very upset,” he told police, adding that he was addicted to sex and was broken because of it.

Commissioner Lindsey Coates ruled in the Maricopa County, Ariz., courtroom that Almansoori will remain behind bars without bail due to the danger he poses to the public.

Shortly after his arrest, the suspect blabbed to the cops about the murder and attempted killings, going into “graphic detail” about how he took the life of Oleas-Arancibia basically unprompted, according to Goebel.


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