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Fulton County judge OKs hearing to examine relationship of Trump prosecutors

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Roman has accused Willis and Wade of unjustly “enriching themselves” from the case, pointing to personal trips Wade covered for the two of them using money he earned from his work for the Fulton DA’s office. Roman’s legal filings have prompted the two to acknowledge being in a “personal relationship,” though the DA’s office said in a court filing they have done nothing wrong.

In addition to removing Willis and her office from the case, Roman is asking McAfee to drop the criminal charges a grand jury handed up against him in August. Five other co-defendants have signed onto the effort, including former President Donald Trump and his onetime personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

‘The defense is bringing you gossip’

At Monday’s hearing, attorneys representing people subpoenaed by Merchant accused her of going on a “fishing expedition” and improperly using subpoenas to try and dig up dirt that isn’t relevant to the underlying election subversion crimes of which her client is accused.

In his first public comments about the accusations since they first arose in early January, McAfee said he would not spend time at the hearing discussing Wade’s credentials — or alleged lack thereof.

He indicated he would keep the Thursday hearing focused on whether Willis had any conflicts. It now appears Bradley will be a star witness — the other potential witnesses are being put on hold for now, contingent on what Bradley says.


Merchant said Bradley would testify that numerous individuals in the DA’s office have personal knowledge of the romantic relationship between Willis and Wade. That includes when it began, whether they “cohabitated” and where they traveled together, she said.

Cross disputed that. She said none of the people Merchant subpoenaed has such knowledge.

“The defense is not bringing you facts. The defense is not bringing you law. The defense is bringing you gossip,” Cross said. “And the state cannot and the court should not condone that practice.”

Cross also disputed some of Merchant’s specific claims, including the suggestion that Wade lived with Willis until her father moved in with her. Cross said Willis’ father, John Clifford Floyd III, moved in with her before she even met Wade — and he has a change in driver’s license to prove it. Cross said Willis’ father never saw Wade there — and that the DA’s office plans to call him as a witness later this week to speak to that.


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