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Alex Jones takes the stand in Sandy Hook defamation case

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The 48-year-old broadcaster also implied he was being sued by the FBI, which the plaintiff’s attorney questioned. Jones conceded that he is not actually the defendant in any cases in which the FBI is a plaintiff, but argued that it was a convoluted “deep-state situation.”

Bellis advised Jones to take a breath. After having a sip of water, he said, “I’ll slow down.”

He grimaced and winced throughout the day while battling to maintain his composure.

An attorney for the families suing Jones asked the defendant to confirm that during a news conference earlier in the week, he’d referred to Bellis as a “tyrant.”

Jones responded that referring to people as tyrants isn’t uncommon for him.

Jones reportedly told reporters on his way into the courthouse that the hearing was “a show trial” and referred to Bellis’ courtroom as a “kangaroo court.”


In earlier news conferences, Jones said he’d believed what he was saying when he reported the 26 children and educators killed by a gunman in Sandy Hook Elementary School may have been actors trying to advance a pro-gun-control agenda. He acknowledged in a Texas courtroom last month that he now believes the Sandy Hook shootings were “100%” real.

More than a dozen family members of those killed during the Newtown, Connecticut, massacre made the trip to Waterbury to listen to Jones’ testimony. The Waterbury Superior courthouse is 20 miles northeast of the site of the Dec. 14, 2012 shootings. Several in attendance wept.

Hearings were set to continue Friday.


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