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Jury selection in Ahmaud Arbery murder case crawls into 2nd week

Shaddi Abusaid and Asia Simone Burns, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on

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He said in court that he didn’t think Arbery would have been killed if he were white. “It’s two people against one,” he said. “He was out for a run, you know? And he was killed.”

Juror No. 395, who is also Black, said he harbored negative opinions about Greg McMichael because he “couldn’t imagine” chasing after someone with his own son.

“It’s a terrible case,” he said.

And No. 396, who said she wants to serve on the jury, told attorneys she limited her exposure to the trial early on and stopped watching any coverage after receiving her jury summons. She said the shooting divided some people within her community while uniting others, but that she felt she could remain impartial.

She was the only member of Monday’s panel to raise her hand when the prospective jurors were asked whether they wanted to serve.

“Honestly, I don’t know enough to have a side,” she said during questioning. “I’m a completely blank slate.”


Questioned by lead prosecutor Linda Dunikoski, one man raised concerns about being a juror in such a highly publicized case.

“I’m not sure about anonymity in my community,” said Juror No. 402, who is white. “I have a feeling whatever verdict comes down is likely to make somebody unhappy, and I have to live here.”

Jury selection resumes Tuesday morning.


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