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'He was visiting Times Square for the first time': Ohio teen with AK-47 just confused about NY gun laws, his mom says

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It’s not clear if the object in his backpack seen in the Instagram video was the same assault rifle.

“I love you all!” Teague screamed at reporters as cops marched him out of the NYPD’s Transit District 1 headquarters at Columbus Circle on Friday night in handcuffs. His arraignment was pending Saturday.

Teague’s mother defended her son as “a graduate from a Grade A high school” and insisted he didn’t have a criminal record.

She added that her son was in “NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM affiliated with the incident in which he lost his father.

“He works to help his family and neighbors,” the mom wrote. “He has a village behind him who will be here for him praying and helping him to understand and help him heal from this.”

Teague’s dad, Andrew Teague, 43, died March 5 after a shootout with police in Columbus, sources said.


According to media reports, police tried to execute an arrest warrant for a Feb. 2 shooting when the elder Teague drove away.

Officers broke off their car pursuit, but a police helicopter kept tracking him. Teague pulled over on an interstate highway, and police in patrol cars found him and resumed the pursuit, according to reports.

Teague drove the wrong way on the highway, striking two vehicles, before he got out of his car and confronted the officers with a weapon. He was killed in the ensuing shootout.

Andrew Teague left behind eight children, including Saadiq, and six grandchildren, according to his online obituary. He often spoke about opening a family-owned business, mentoring and getting involved with reentry programs, the obituary said.

“He apparently had this hidden gift of making people feel that they alone filled his heart, not realizing that there were many special areas in his heart just for each one of us,” the obituary read. “Drew dedicated his life to protecting those he loved no matter what!”

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