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Kim Goldman's crusade: Make OJ Simpson pay and never forget

Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times on

Published in News & Features

LOS ANGELES -- Kim Goldman wrote to O.J. Simpson a few years ago, asking to visit him in the Nevada prison where he was being held for robbery and kidnapping.

She wanted to see the man she says killed her brother, Ron Goldman, and Simpson's wife 25 years ago this week outside Nicole Brown Simpson's Brentwood townhouse. It would become known as "the crime of the century."

To her surprise, Simpson's people got back to her. He would see her -- as long as she signed a nondisclosure agreement covering their conservation. Goldman refused.

Much as she wanted to see him shackled and humbled, she said, she would never give Ron's "brutal killer that pleasure."

When a loved one is murdered, those they leave behind often go through a cycle of grief and pain. Many fight to give the loss meaning but also try to accept what happened and move on.

Not Kim Goldman.

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For a quarter-century, she has made bringing Simpson to what she considers justice her unwavering mission. She and her father, Fred Goldman, have chased down secret hordes of Simpson's memorabilia, taken possession of his tell-all book and spoken out against a criminal justice system that she says ignores victims' rights.

Words like "closure" and "forgiveness" aren't in her lexicon.

Goldman now is the vice chair of a prominent victims' rights organization, and for 13 years has run a group that helps troubled teens in Santa Clarita Valley.

One of her goals has been getting Simpson to pay a $33.5 million civil judgment that she and her family won in 1997, when a jury concluded the former football great and actor had been responsible for the murders -- even after a criminal jury acquitted him.


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