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Jurors begin deliberations in Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force trial; will resume Monday

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Wise said "the idea that Hersl, a 17-year-veteran, has all this swirling around him and a dim bulb doesn't go off ... (that) he didn't know exactly what was going on and what was going to happen, is preposterous."

Taylor's attorney criticized prosecutors for not putting victims on the stand or presenting corroborating evidence for two of the robberies he is accused of. Only the testimony of another convicted officer, who Wicks said couldn't be trusted, implicated Taylor.

Prosecutors said the defense was trying to have it both ways, boosting testimony from the officers that they believe supports their clients, and writing off that which was damaging.

Defense attorneys also said the government hadn't found evidence of the robberies after arresting the officers and searching their homes.

"They knew we were coming," said Wise, alluding to testimony that the officers had been tipped off at multiple points. "These are law enforcement officers who know how to cover their tracks."


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