Tech review: Dyson is a champ at purifiying the air and keeping you comfortable

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Replacement filters are available from Dyson for $79.99.

Room temperature

Besides the excellent filtering, don’t forget the HP09 is a whole room fan and heater. There are 10 fan speeds, and because of the air flow method used, the noise level is low.

In heat mode, you can set a target temperature and the HP09 will automatically turn on and off the heat when its needed to keep you comfortable.

There is an automatic mode, which changes the fan speed to keep the air clean as needed.

Light sleepers will appreciate the night mode, which purifies the air with the quietest settings and dims the display.


Finally, if you just want the HP09 to purify the air and not be blowing on you constantly, you can reverse the output direction, so that instead of blowing the air out the front, it blows out the rear of the machine.

Other features

The HP09 can oscillate up to 350 degrees, to heat or cool an entire room. The oscillation is also customizable, so you can set the angle you need for your situation.

There is an included remote control, with a built-in magnet so you can keep it on top of the HP09, but I keep mine on my nightstand.


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