'Wrinkle in Time' director Ava DuVernay underscores the importance of hiring diverse interns

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A: We had rotations. I interviewed a group of students from L.A. City College, Compton College. ... There were two group interviews with 20 kids and we picked the ones who would be the best fit for our production. They come from different parts of the city, different cultures, (different) people. We had them rotating through departments. Some of them found a place -- the department wanted to keep them.

Q: How large was the entire 'Wrinkle in Time' crew?

A: The end credit sequence for the movie is 11 minutes!

Q: 'A Wrinkle in Time' was filmed in California. What was it like to shoot a major motion picture in your home state?

A: I loved it and hope I can do it again. It made a tangible difference in the mood and tenor. The set people got to go home to their families at night. I can't tell you what that means when you're working so hard and get to sleep in your own bed. People often have to go away to do their jobs, so it was beautiful because the movie is about family and light. But also, it gave us this beautiful terrain. I'm from Compton. There are some parts of the state I had never experienced and it was fantastic to get the opportunity.

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