I'll See You in My CV

Bob Goldman on

What could be more annoying than someone who calls their resume a "CV"?

You know what a CV is, of course. According to Wikipedia, it's "a curriculum vitae, Latin for 'course of life,' often shortened to CV, a short written summary of a person's career, qualifications, and education."

In other words, a resume.

At least, that's what we called it on the playground.

Andrew Fennell, a contributor to Forbes, obviously spent his playground days on the fields of Eton. A "former London recruiter, founder and director of StandOutCV," Fennell wouldn't lift a pinkie to fix a resume, but when it comes to CV's, he's hands-on, 100%.

And, I have to admit, in his recent posting, "Five Damaging CV Issues and How to Fix Them," he comes up with some jolly good ideas.


Consider the case of the "job hopper." Fennell believes that "if you've had a large number of roles in a short period of time, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be off-putting for employers if not explained correctly."

The correct explanation does not include the real reasons you hopped away, so don't even bother providing chapter and verse on dim-bulb managers, jealous co-workers or the ridiculous dress code that prevented you from wearing your bathrobe in the office. Instead, focus on "what you achieved during your time in these roles."

For example: "I was only at the Overflowing Love & Forgiveness Candle Company for two weeks, but during that short time, absolutely every single person in my department hated my guts and refused to work with me."

Now, that's an achievement that will really brighten up the old CV.


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