Your Blooming, Zooming Career

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Promoting yourself at work was never easy, even when you were actually at work.

Still, you could always arrange to "bump into" an important manager at the snack machine, prompting a fun conversation about how much weight "Chubby" had put on since you last saw him.

Or, arriving at the parking lot, you could ding the door of the Tesla S of a high-flying VP, allowing you to raise your visibility and, at the same time, demonstrate your sense of responsibility by showing up at the VP's office to confess.

These not-quite random, real-world meetings gave you the opportunity to remind upper management that you exist (and, hopefully, have good insurance).

When you're working from home, these tried-and-true methods to promote yourself are unavailable. But Caroline Ceniza-Levine is. Recently, Ceniza-Levine published "How to Promote Your Career When You Work from Home" on Forbes. It's a timely and helpful compendium of strategies for how the homebound striver can "proactively get and stay top-of-mind with the decision-makers and influencers of promotion decisions."

A dollop of proactivity on your part may be necessary here because, as the author points out, "your manager may not know how to manage remotely." This is probably the case, since your manager does not know how to manage when you're together in the same room.


And that's why, for me, some of the strategies do not go far enough.

Admittedly, "check in frequently" is a proven technique for raising your visibility. The question is, how frequent is "frequent"? I recommend you check in before the start of every Zoom meeting to show you are detail-oriented and have no idea how to tell time. Check in at the end of every Zoom meeting to show you are detail-oriented and have no idea how to take notes.

Bottom line: Your boss may think you are a seriously annoying nutcase, but you will be noticed -- and, if you consider the management team at your company, promptly promoted.

"Report your results" is another smart strategy. Unfortunately, in order to report results, you need to have results, which you don't. Should you let this stop you? No way!


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