Nut Jobs Wanted

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If you've always wished that you had the qualifications required to be a successful entrepreneur, here's good news: There is one career expert who believes that the best way to get a job is to be a job -- a nut job.

Meet Ayodeji Awosika, the author of "Why You Have to be Crazy to Succeed," a recent post on a career site called Ladders.

According to Awosika, there are a panoply of rational reasons why an intelligent person would not take on the kind of risky business challenges required to earn megabucks.

Whether you are contemplating a career change, a move up the corporate ladder or the creation of an entirely new industry, the odds of success in any new venture are low. This is reality. This is what you must ignore.

And who ignores reality? In our author's opinion, crazy people. "If you want to be successful," he writes, "you have to be a little bit of a nut job."

Fortunately, you are a nut job. The fact that you are wasting your time reading this column is ample proof.


Some of the nut job attributes that brought success to Awosika include being gullible, being naive and being absent-minded. He also has "total disdain for rules and social norms."

If that's all it takes to qualify as a nut job, you're way ahead of the game.

If a lack of self-confidence in your fundamental nuttiness makes you wonder whether you are sufficiently delusional, there are ways you can dial down the chances of making rational decisions about your future.

First, you must "stop looking for answers in the wrong place."


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