Quitting Time

Bob Goldman on

Thinking about quitting your job?

Dumb question. You've been thinking about quitting from the day you started.

You remember that fateful day, of course. "It's a great opportunity," you told everyone. "It's not a huge salary, but I'll be making a boatload of money eventually. My co-workers seem really nice, and my boss really cares. It's a great move."

You were so enthusiastic that everyone believed you -- everyone but Y-O-U.

Deep down, you knew that you'd never make a boatload of money, or even a teaspoon of money. Your boss only cared about mastering the skill of being a jerk, and your co-workers weren't really nice. They were barely human.

Still, you said yes, packed your new lunchbox, and off to work you ran, despite the fact that what you really wanted to do was pack your bathing suit and run off to a sun-kissed island with talcum-powder beaches where you could live off coconuts.


It took a while -- you're not too bright, are you? -- and now, at last, you're ready to quit.

What should you do?


That's the subject of today's sermonette. Don't quit your job until you can do it right.


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