Phoning It In

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It's decision time.

If you could only have one, which would you choose -- your job or your smartphone?

It's a toughie, right?

Your job is a drag. It keeps coming between you and the life of leisure to which you aspire. Your smartphone is exciting and high-techy and absolutely integral to every aspect of the beautiful life you want to live. But it pays bupkas. In fact, it costs you -- and that's even counting the 25 percent discount you received on your Nicolas Cage phone case from

And yet -- you will have to decide, and fast.

Every day, more and more scientific studies reveal that having access to your smartphone can dramatically reduce your productivity, and let's face it, you really don't have much productivity to begin with.

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Even with the best of intentions, giving in to the siren chirps of your smartphone can cost you.

"One study found that it can take up to half an hour to resume a task after being interrupted." Given how much time it takes you to start a task, those 30-minute lags could wipe out all your accomplishments for a decade.

I learned about the telephonic threat to your continued employment from a recent article in The New York Times by Tim Herrera. "Hide Your Phone When You're Trying to Work. Seriously." was the title. Seriously.

(Full disclosure -- I read the article on my iPhone, but it kept crashing. I wonder if the snoopy snoops at Apple knew something was up.)


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