To Sleep, Perchance to Scheme

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It doesn't happen frequently, but every once in a while, science throws us a bone.

Like the recently published studies proving that nonfat cottage cheese causes delirium tremors in the pigmy seahorse. (These studies have yet to be replicated with human subjects, but if you want to be part of an experiment, I can hook you up. No pay, but you'll get a sweet 10 percent discount on cottage cheese.)

If you're waiting for the white lab coat cats to confirm your belief that chocolate chip cookies will cure pretty anything life can throw at us, think again. Most science-types would rather play around with sea horses than do a study that would actually help people and win the Nobel Prize in medicine for the Keebler Elves.

But that is changing.

Recent research has resulted in a scientific breakthrough far more important than the discoveries of Galileo, Einstein, and John I.Q. Nerdelbaum Frink Jr.

According to scientists, you will be healthy, happier and more productive if you start taking naps at work. Or, in your case, start taking even more naps at work.


That's right! When managers and co-workers give you grief for crawling under your desk and curling up with your blankey, you can blind them with science.

The Washington Post broke the story.

"Napping on the job may turn out to be a very good idea for a sleep-deprived nation" is the title of a recent article by Eric Pianin.

Clearly a neophyte napper himself, Pianin is quick to point out that "powerful leaders and warriors such a Napoleon and Winston Churchill routinely napped in the afternoon, regardless of the crises swirling around them."


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