Yellowstone Park

Test your knowledge of Yellowstone Park.

Points available: 9


True or False. Yellowstone National Park was the first national park created in the world. (for 0 points)


Which of the following are not inhabitants of Yellowstone National Park? (for 1 points)


True or False. Yellowstone National Park is larger than the state of Rhode Island and Delaware. (for 1 points)


What did the French first name the Yellowstone River in the 18th Century? (for 1 points)


Along with Wyoming and Montana, in which state is part of Yellowstone National Park located? (for 1 points)


What was the record number of guests to visit Yellowstone National Park in one month (happened in 2010)? (for 1 points)


True or False. Two National Historical Landmarks of Yellowstone National Park are 'the Old Faithful Inn' and 'Fort Yellowstone- Mammoth Hot Springs Historic District.' (for 1 points)


True or False. During the winters in Yellowstone National Park, the temperatures are usually between 20 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. (for 1 points)


True or False. Yellowstone National Park has the largest volcanic system in North America called the Yellowstone Caldera. (for 1 points)


True or False. The largest forest fire in Yellowstone National Park history occured in 1963, when two thirds of the park burned. (for 1 points)