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I Canceled My Room, But Booking.Com Billed Me Anyway

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I recently made a reservation for a room at the Gite Nadia near Casablanca, Morocco, using Because of a scheduling error, I realized I would not be able to use the room. A gentleman on the train, who spoke French, agreed to call the hotel to explain that I couldn't make it. But the Gite Nadia refused to cancel the reservation.

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Taking the Kids: Meeting the locals in Jamaica

Travel / Taking The Kids /

"More sweet potato pudding?" Doris Morgan asks. We're having lunch at her Montego Bay home -- local specialties like Bammy, made from ground cassava that's fried, roasted breadfruit, pumpkin bread, star apple fruit and my favorite, the sweet potato pudding.

But before lunch, we'd never met Mrs. Morgan, her husband Clayton, daughter Nneka, who ...Read more

Around the World: Salem is Bewitching In All Seasons

Travel / Around the World /

Most Americans form their first impressions of Salem when they're in grade school and their history lessons take them to colonial Massachusetts to learn of the infamous witch hunts, trials and cruel punishments that took place during the 1690s.
The depiction of colonial witches, whether accurate or not, is so scary and ...Read more

Carnival: Europe's wild rites of spring

Travel / Rick Steves' Europe /

To see Europe at its craziest, join the wild party that kicks off the reverent Easter season. Carnival is a boisterous time before the traditional period of abstinence and piety of Lent. Its finale -- what we call Mardi Gras -- is held this year on Feb. 9. Here are a few of the most colorful events.

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Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Tim Love

Travel / Celebrity Travel /

Chef and restaurateur Tim Love is one of the stars of CNBC's series "Restaurant Startup." The reality show helps potential restaurateurs by investing money in new restaurants. He says one way he keeps on top of culinary trends is via travel.

"Cooking is really not the hard part," says Love, 44. "When you ...Read more

Beyond BBQ: Kansas City surprises visitors with treasure-trove of delights

Travel / Travel News /

This is a belated apology to Kansas City: Sorry that it took me so long.

I get it now.

My wife and I arrived in Kansas City, Mo., knowing little of its history or cultural attractions and expecting even less. We'd driven through it, mostly on our way to other destinations and stopping only to sample barbecue.

So we were astonished -- and a ...Read more

Downtown Salt Lake City is a place to play after hitting the slopes

Travel / Travel News /

Downtown Salt Lake City is livelier than it used to be. City Creek Center, a 23-acre mall-and-housing redevelopment project (retractable roof, trout pond, completed in 2013) is a big part of that, as is the Greenbike sharing program, also begun in 2013. A loosening of liquor laws hasn't hurt, either. As I found on a three-night visit in November...Read more

48 hours in Winter Park, Florida

Travel / Travel News /

WINTER PARK, Fla. -- Back in 1881, wealthy Northerners decided to buy some lakefront land here and change the area's name from Osceola -- after the chief of the state's Seminole Indians -- to Winter Park to make the area more appealing to vacationers. Little would they know that a century later nearby Orlando would grab the attention of most of ...Read more

Around the World: Japan’s World Heritage Sites Worth Every Yen!

Travel / Around the World /

For one thing, it’s far away, so airfare--even if discounted--is expensive. So are the travel basics of lodging, food and ground transportation. But trips to Japan are well worth every yen.

The country continually amazes travelers with its unique blend of cutting edge modernity and timeless tradition. You use ultra-high-tech...Read more

I Didn't Damage My Rental Car, So Why Am I Getting A Bill?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I'm being charged for damage to a rental car that I did not cause. I recently had my car repaired at my dealership, which paid for a rental car from Enterprise.

I drove the rental home, parked it on my one-way street so that the passenger side was next to the curb and checked to see that I was close enough to the curb. I did not use the car ...Read more

Taking the Kids: A ship within a mega ship

Travel / Taking The Kids /

Connie Abodeely isn't a fan of mega ships or Caribbean itineraries. But she's really looking forward to her family's upcoming trip on Norwegian's newest ship, the Escape, which carries more than 4,200 passengers.

"There is so much for the grandchildren to do on board," she explains -- ...Read more

Around the World: Interpreting Travel Website Speak

Travel / Around the World /

Like the enticing travel brochures, travel websites are filled excellent suggestions about how you can explore local lifestyle and make the most of cultural offerings and shopping opportunities. They’re choc-a-bloc with lots of well-organized and useful information about the destination’s lodging, eateries, events and special places. ...Read more

What's New in the Eastern Mediterranean for 2016

Travel / Rick Steves' Europe /

In the Eastern Mediterranean, Greece, Croatia and Turkey remain popular with tourists and present some important transportation and sightseeing changes for 2016.

Greece is one of Europe's great destinations, but concern about its financial crisis and the thousands of Syrian refugees entering the country is impacting travelers' vacation plans. ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Dominic Monaghan

Travel / Celebrity Travel /

Actor Dominic Monaghan, 39, has had starring roles in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy and the ABC hit series, "Lost." The British actor's latest project is hosting his own Travel Channel series, "Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan," where, he says, he gets to enjoy searching the world for unique and amazing wildlife. "I generally travel with ...Read more

A museum of wonder in San Jose, mummy approved

Travel / Travel News /

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Great, this is all I need, another pointless and wholly irrational fear to further cinch the neural pathways of my knotted psyche.

Here I was, roaming the dimly lit hallways of the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in downtown San Jose, marveling at the Moorish architecture, the chiseled hieroglyphics, the two-level replica of a ...Read more

There's much to see on a drive south from Oregon along Highway 101

Travel / Travel News /

I began my drive southward on Highway 101 along the Oregon coast in the town of Florence, following breakfast with a longtime friend in Eugene.

It had been more than 20 years since my last visit to the area, and I decided to make this scenic coastal route a part of my road trip back to Orange County from Seattle.

My first stop actually was a ...Read more

Western Nebraska is a land full of surprises

Travel / Travel News /

The buffalo isn't happy. She is eyeing me warily from perhaps a dozen feet away, with only a rickety wooden and wire fence separating the two of us. She's shaggy but gorgeous, this iconic symbol of the Great Plains, and as I raise my camera to snap a photo, her eyes lock with mine. Suddenly miffed by my intrusion, or maybe my red sweater, she ...Read more

Hit the slopes, then sample the great eats in McHenry, Md.

Travel / Travel News /

With the holidays over and spring seeming like a far-off mirage, you have a choice: suffer through winter's doldrums or make the most of it.

We'll take the latter. The destination? McHenry, the small Garrett County, Md., town located near the northernmost tip of Deep Creek Lake.

Boasting 172 acres of ski terrain, Wisp Resort is the area's most...Read more

Exploring Yosemite's wintry, arty wild side, camera in hand

Travel / Travel News /

A lone coyote darts through a snowy meadow, disappearing into the mist enshrouding a grove of cedars. Icicles sparkle from the mossy trunks of massive pine trees. Snow drifts and waterfalls tumble down the faces of majestic granite monoliths.

No matter how many times you have been to the jewel of the National Park System that is Yosemite, you ...Read more

Downgraded On My Flight Home, But Charged More

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I have a dispute with United Airlines that I hope you can help me with. I recently flew from Venice, Italy, to Miami in business class. I paid for my ticket with mileage rewards.

The day before I was to leave Venice, I learned of a better itinerary, which I was able to switch to, but in Economy Plus.

United billed me a change fee of $100 ...Read more