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Budapest: City of paradox

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Most Americans choose Prague as their first foray into Eastern Europe, but the true powerhouse of the region is Budapest, capital of Hungary. Budapest can be challenging and complicated -- but it's a cosmopolitan place of unexpected elegance, fascinating and rewarding.

Sprawling across the banks of the Danube River, the city is really two towns...Read more

Go Away With ... Kevin Kwan

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Author Kevin Kwan has traveled the world, but he says that London reminds him of home. "I live in Manhattan and this summer marks my 20th year as a New Yorker," says Kwan. "But London has a strong kinship to New York. They are both cosmopolitan cities overflowing with history and culture and yet completely focused on modern life. The tea and ...Read more

Do's and don'ts in Crater Lake and Ashland, Ore.

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Tips for visitors to Crater Lake and Ashland, Ore.

Don't expect full access to Crater Lake unless it's summer. The rim of the caldera gets 524 inches of snow in a typical year, which means that Crater Lake Lodge, Lost Creek Campground, sections of Rim Drive and other roads in Crater Lake National Park are open just three or four months of the ...Read more

Such drama in Ashland

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Salt needs pepper. Romeo needs Juliet. And your epic nature trip to Crater Lake might need a cultural detour.

Enter Ashland, Ore., which sits in the bucolic Bear Creek Valley about 90 miles southwest of Crater Lake and 16 miles north of the California border.

It was born in the 19th century as a mill town on the banks of Ashland Creek. But ...Read more

Lovers snuggle by lodge's fire

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It was September 1953 and Bob and Shirley Welch were ready to make memories.

The couple, both 24, had just been married in San Jose, Calif. They packed up their '51 Chevy sedan, drove 430 miles north and stood at the edge of Crater Lake.

It was a sunny day. There had been a stop for pie at Beckie's Cafe on the way up the hill. They walked the ...Read more

Peer into the mists of time

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Oregon newspaper editor Jim Sutton renames Lake Majesty as Crater Lake, and it sticks.


The first known photograph of Crater Lake is taken by Peter Britt. The lake's reputation begins to grow as the image is reproduced in magazines.


Capt. Clarence Dutton leads a U.S. Geological Survey team to the lake. Using weighted piano ...Read more

Why is Pittsburgh being called the new darling destination?

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PITTSBURGH -- If there were a drinking game for every time a media outlet "rediscovered" Pittsburgh, after a recent week, this city would be under the table.

The New York Times' Travel section recently told its readers how to spend 36 dynamic hours here, but The Washington Post took a whole family on a road trip and took some time to explore. ...Read more

Los Angeles International Airport could see more than 100 million travelers a year by 2040

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LOS ANGELES--New aviation forecasts predict that Los Angeles International Airport, already straining under a record number of passengers, could have more than 100 million travelers annually by 2040, far more than the ceiling set by a 2006 court settlement that will soon expire.

According to projections released last week, the Southern ...Read more

Anaheim makes ambitious push to expand tourism beyond Disneyland

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ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Known for 60 years as the home to Disneyland, Anaheim is pushing the idea that there's more for tourists to do -- and spend money on -- than ride on Space Mountain and snap a selfie with Mickey Mouse.

Among the new offerings are a food mall that was converted from an abandoned orange packing house and a brewery built within ...Read more

At Crater Lake, it's elemental

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CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK, Ore. -- The California border was just behind us, and Los Angeles Times photographer Mark Boster and I were roaring up a rain-soaked Oregon highway past fog-shrouded forests and green-stubbled boulders.

About an hour outside Ashland, Ore., the road began to climb. Pretty soon we were 7,000 feet above sea level and ...Read more

The 'new' Islamorada is not your father's Key

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Islamorada's kinda got it going on.

Somehow, without much fanfare, it has reached a tipping point where, because of a batch of new eateries and resorts, it feels like the "cool" Key.

That wasn't always the case -- in the past, the Florida town's venues had tried to out "Key" each other with tired nautical themes, conch shells galore, fried ...Read more

Learn about turtles, birds and fish on eco-trip to South Padre Island

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I feel like I'm planting a beach-side garden.

The white, ping-pong-ball-shaped orbs I'm placing in a hole in the sand aren't flower bulbs, though. They're sea turtle eggs, laid just a few hours ago.

"You're holding the eggs of one of the rarest reptiles on earth," says Jeff George, executive director of Sea Turtle Inc., a nonprofit ...Read more

'Secret garden' restored at Wright's masterpiece Fallingwater

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MILL RUN, Pa. -- Eric Kobal stretches across a lush planter to examine a brown leaf on a rhododendron he planted in this garden on the Pottery Terrace at Fallingwater. The sound of running water is never far away here, especially this year as Bear Run, the stream that runs under the famous property, is flowing fast and high after a summer of ...Read more

Exhibit at Texas museum focuses on 1936 Olympics in Berlin

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AUSTIN, Texas--In 1936, sports, politics and propaganda collided in Berlin in one of the most controversial Olympic Games ever.

The Berlin Games gave us Jesse Owens, who won four gold medals in track and field, but they gave us much more -- not all of it as triumphant.

"The Nazi Olympics: Berlin 1936," a temporary exhibit at the University of ...Read more

Denmark’s LEGOLAND is Still An Original!

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You may have heard that there’s a new film, “LEGO: A Brickumentary,” documenting the history and global creative impact of the toy that so many of us played with as children, and that many of us continue to enjoy as adults.

The documentary follows LEGO’s popularity and influence around the world, but one place where you can really ...Read more

Refund for non-smoker in a smoking room

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Q: I have been a customer of Hotwire for over 13 years. I love the thrill of pressing the button and not knowing what you will get, but have never been disappointed until last week.

I booked a room at a Super 8 hotel for myself and three other mothers who were attending a conference in Washington, D.C. We knew that it was cheap and would be a ...Read more

Around the World: Finland’s Savonlinna and the Surrounding Lake District are Tops For Tourists

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Throughout central and eastern Finland, in the area known as the Lake District, smooth blacktop sweeps past sun-drenched fields of golden flowers and through shady patches of pine forests, Bordering the road, clusters of stalk-like fireweed blaze the rich purple hue of their flowers over the lush landscape.

A myriad of clear blue lakes - ...Read more

Taking the Kids: A world-famous golf resort, now family friendly

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Got your seatbelt on? Not only is your 10-year-old in the driver's seat, but she'll navigate through water-filled ditches, turning to avoid trees on an exceedingly bumpy dirt track, even up a steep stone path.

Gulp! Turns out, she'll probably navigate the course better than you behind the wheel of the amphibious argocat (eight wheels). "Kids ...Read more

Volterra: Tuscany's Top Hill Town

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Just a two-hour drive from jammed-with-tourists Florence, you'll find what is perhaps Italy's most underrated hill town -- Volterra. With rustic vitality and surprising depth, its out-of-the-way location keeps it from being trampled by visitors.

Unlike other famous Tuscan towns, Volterra feels real, vibrant and almost oblivious to the allure of...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Colleen Kelly

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Colleen Kelly is the host of "Family Travel with Colleen Kelly," which airs nationally on PBS. Not surprisingly, Kelly loves being on the road. One trip she took stood out so much she was compelled to include it in her travel series.

"I had been to Ireland with my family many times," says the Chicago-based adventurer. "I just knew that I had to...Read more