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Taking the Kids: Outside of London

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What could be more English then coming face to face with a snowy owl, exploring a "Lost in the Willows" maze, inspired by the classic children's tale "The Wind in the Willows," playing hide-and-seek in huge hedges and then climbing a haunted staircase at a centuries-old castle?

Let's not forget the kids' favorite at homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-1642985">Read more

Taking the Kids: Finding your park

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Who would have thought a big hole would wow the kids? Of course, it's not just any hole. The Grand Canyon is perhaps the most spectacular hole anywhere. It's a mile deep with 10 miles separating the South Rim, where we were, from the North Rim.

No wonder it attracts 5 million visitors a year, who ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Checking out the new coasters

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Love them or hate them? Maybe your family is divided on the subject of roller coasters; my family has been for as long as I can remember. From the time they were just tall enough, two of my kids couldn't wait to ride the fastest, biggest coasters in the park; the third preferred other attractions.

Me too, especially since I screamed so loud on ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Camping doesn't mean leaving tech behind

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Toilet paper or cellphone? Younger campers say having a smartphone on a camping trip is nearly as important as toilet paper, according to the 2015 North American Camping Report. I'm guessing your kids would agree and, depending on their age, might even say their ...Read more

Taking the Kids: A trip to Monticello, getting acquainted with Jefferson

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What do you know about Thomas Jefferson?

"He wrote the Declaration of Independence!" one boy answered.

"He was the third president!" answered another.

"He was a nice man," said 5-year-old Hannah, who added that, "I really don't know anything about Jefferson."

Forty minutes later, Hannah and the kids, after a special family tour of homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-1628114">Read more

Taking the Kids: The Sonoran desert in Arizona

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It is pitch-black and I am riding a bike through the Sonoran desert in Arizona. Good thing my bike has a light and I'm on a paved trail -- a golf cart trail at the expansive (some 1,300 acres) Boulders Resort in Scottsdale, known for its distinctive giant boulders that look like granite snowmen. The ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Back to Crested Butte where memories were made

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The 6 year old was determined to set herself apart from her older brother and sister on vacation.

My youngest daughter, Mel, declared she was a "big girl" and could decide for herself what fun she would have in the snow that week in Crested Butte, Colorado. If her brother and sister were strutting...Read more

Taking the Kids: Spring break

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Ski slopes or sand castles? Maybe your gang wants to ride roller coasters all day, or cruise away, maybe with grandma and grandpa in tow.

Whatever you choose, spring break is a good time to get away with the kids. Plan smart and you might even snare a bargain. The good news is you've still got plenty of time to get a trip organized.

Here are a...Read more

Taking the Kids: Make sure Mom gets out to play in the snow

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Come on, moms! Got your snow pants and mittens? Let's go have some fun in the snow -- on the ski slopes. No watching the kids, no trying to keep up with your husband!

"It feels so decadent," said Nicole Reitter, a working mom of a 5-year-old, who did just that recently at Northstar Resort in ...Read more

Taking The Kids: San Francisco's hidden gem -- The Presidio

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Talk about the perfect vacation photo op. We're hiking the famous Batteries to Bluffs trail in San Francisco's Presidio, a national park unlike any other, which takes us up and down steps along the western ...Read more

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