Ergonomics Quiz

Do you know how to stay healthy and comfortable at the office? Take this interactive quiz to see what you know about your office space and you.

Points available: 10


When working at your computer for prolonged periods of time, how often should you adjust the height of your work surface?

  • A) Never
  • B) Every two minutes
  • C) Every twenty minutes
  • D) Every few hours or whenever you feel you need it

Where should your monitor be located when typing at your keyboard?

  • A) To the right of the keyboard
  • B) To the left of your keyboard
  • C) Below your keyboard
  • D) Directly in front of your keyboard

Where should your mouse be located?

  • A) Next to your keyboard
  • B) Next to your monitor
  • C) Behind your keyboard
  • D) On top of your keyboard

Which of these should be within arm's reach at your desk?

  • A) Phone
  • B) Source documents
  • C) Important reference materials
  • D) All of the above

Your office chair should be adjusted to support at LEAST which part of your back?

  • A) Shoulder blades
  • B) Lumbar region
  • C) Mid-back
  • D) Whichever part you think is best

When your workspace has a window, where should it be in relation to you?

  • A) Behind you
  • B) In front of you
  • C) To one side
  • D) It doesn't matter

Where should the top of your computer screen be?

  • A) Above eye level
  • B) Right at eye level or slightly below
  • C) Well below eye level
  • D) It doesn't matter

Where should your feet be when adjusting your chair?

  • A) Flat on the floor
  • B) A little bit off the floor
  • C) Well off the floor
  • D) It doesn't matter as long as you're comfortable in relation to your workspace

What is the proper elbow position when typing?

  • A) 90 degrees
  • B) Greater than 90 degrees
  • C) Less than 90 degrees
  • D) Whatever your setup allows for

Which of these might be a concern in ergonomics?

  • A) Environmental noise
  • B) Indoor air quality
  • C) Whether your chair is comfortable
  • D) All of the above