Emergency Preparations

Do you know how to prepare for emergencies? Take the quiz below and find out. All the answers are on our site, so be sure to study before you begin!

Points available: 10


Where should your family's emergency phone contact be located?

  • A) Out of town
  • B) Within the same neighborhood
  • C) At a nearby school or office
  • D) It doesn't matter, so long as they are easy to reach

What light source should be used when checking a damaged house?

  • A) Electrical lights, if they still work
  • B) Candles
  • C) Matches
  • D) Flashlights

Which of the following should you do first in an emergency situation?

  • A) Secure any pets
  • B) Check for any seriously injured people nearby
  • C) Check on your neighbors
  • D) Check on your house

How should you check for news?

  • A) Stay on the phone with a friend watching the news
  • B) Keep a battery-powered radio handy
  • C) Send a friend to the nearest safe place to bring back news
  • D) Don't -- stay focused on the matters at hand

Besides just outside your home, where should your family designate an emergency meeting place?

  • A) At a neighbor's house nearby
  • B) At the closest possible school or gym
  • C) Outside the neighborhood
  • D) Anywhere away from trees or power lines

What should your family know how to do concerning utilities in an emergency?

  • A) Use them sparingly
  • B) Call the services to get them turned back on
  • C) Test them once it's safe to return to your home
  • D) Cut them off at the source

How often should you replace your emergency food and water supplies?

  • A) Every six months
  • B) Once a year
  • C) As they get used up
  • D) Never -- store up as much as possible

Where is the safest place to hang mirrors and pictures?

  • A) Near a support beam
  • B) Next to a doorway
  • C) In large rooms
  • D) Away from beds

Where is the most important place to install smoke detectors?

  • A) Near bedrooms
  • B) Near the kitchen
  • C) By the front door
  • D) Near large amounts of electrical equipment

When planning escape routes from your home, what should you consider when dealing with each room?

  • A) What important items are there, and how to transport them
  • B) The quickest way to get from one room to another
  • C) The availability of a telephone
  • D) Two ways out of each room