Diet & Exercise

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Points available: 10


How often should you eat throughout the day?

  • A) Whenever you're hungry
  • B) Three times a day
  • C) Every three hours
  • D) Every five hours

What food is both high in protein and low in fat?

  • A) peanuts
  • B) egg whites
  • C) steak
  • D) salad

What food has "good" carbohydrates?

  • A) fruit
  • B) white bread
  • C) crackers
  • D) frozen yogurt

As compared to the 1970's, American's consume how many times more carbonated drinks than milk?

  • A) 5
  • B) 3
  • C) 2
  • D) 4

All of the following are healthy weight loss tips except?

  • A) Skip meals
  • B) Exercise
  • C) Sleep
  • D) Eat complex carbs

How many grams of fat should be consumed per day based on a 2,000 calorie diet?

  • A) 45
  • B) 85
  • C) 65
  • D) 55

How many grams of fat does a product marked 'low fat' contain?

  • A) one or fewer
  • B) ten or fewer
  • C) five or fewer
  • D) three or fewer

What is likely happening if you lose more than one pound a week?

  • A) You are on a successful and healthy diet
  • B) You have a thyroid condition
  • C) You are losing fat
  • D) You are losing water or muscle weight

What nutrients does skim milk lack that are found in whole milk?

  • A) none
  • B) calcium
  • C) vitamin A
  • D) protein

What can be used instead of oil in baking recipes?

  • A) egg whites
  • B) water
  • C) apple sauce
  • D) cream cheese