Huckleberry Finn

Test your knowledge of "Huckleberry Finn".

Points available: 10


In which "Star Trek" series did the crew meet Mark Twain?

  • A) Original Series
  • B) The Next Generation
  • C) Deep Space 9
  • D) Voyager

"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" was the first novel to be:

  • A) Added to the Banned Books list
  • B) Adapted into a Saturday morning cartoon
  • C) Listed as required reading in high school
  • D) Written entirely on a typewriter

Which comet was visible both on the day Twain was born and the day he died?

  • A) Halley's Comet
  • B) Tralles Comet
  • C) Hesse-Gemma
  • D) Messier

Which "Harry Potter" star appeared in the 1993 film version of "Huckleberry Finn"?

  • A) Richard Harris
  • B) Gary Oldman
  • C) Kenneth Branagh
  • D) Robbie Coltrane

Twain is the great great great uncle of which of these actors?

  • A) Dominic Monaghan
  • B) Meg Ryan
  • C) Casper Van Dien
  • D) Sarah Ramirez

Which famous author once said of "Huckleberry Finn": "All American writing comes from that. There was nothing before. There has been nothing as good since."?

  • A) Ernest Hemingway
  • B) F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • C) James Joyce
  • D) Gertrude Stein

How many of Twain's four children survived him?

  • A) None
  • B) One
  • C) Two
  • D) Three

Which famous actor has never played Huck Finn on film?

  • A) Elijah Wood
  • B) Mickey Rooney
  • C) Ron Howard
  • D) Christian Bale

In what year was "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" first published?

  • A) 1880
  • B) 1885
  • C) 1890
  • D) 1895

Twain failed to graduate from:

  • A) Elementary school
  • B) High School
  • C) Trade school
  • D) College