Upside down sea turtle rescued on Florida beach

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HOBE SOUND, Fla. (UPI) -- The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission helped rescue a loggerhead sea turtle that was stranded on its back between rocks at a wildlife preserve in Florida.

Photos on the Florida Wildlife Commission's Facebook page show the upside down turtle wedged between a pair of rocks at Blowing Rocks Preserve in ...Read more

Man uses champion Chow Chow as dumbbell

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A Chow Chow puppy with a champion bloodline helped its owner exercise by acting as a living dumbbell.

Instagram user chow_quinnstagram shared video of the 2-month-old Chow puppy named Quinn as her owner used her weight to perform a series of different exercises.

The puppy remains calm while simulating the weight of a ...Read more

Bear survives highway crash with pickup truck

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WEST PLAINS, Mo. (UPI) -- A Missouri State Highway Patrol cruiser's dashboard camera recorded a black bear running headlong into a moving pickup truck on the highway and surviving.

The highway patrol posted a video to Facebook showing the dashcam footage of a black bear running across Highway 60 in Howell County and colliding with the side of a...Read more

Ice-cream-loving cat afflicted by 'brain freeze'

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OWEN SOUND, Ontario (UPI) -- An ice cream loving Ontario cat was filmed by his owner enjoying a spoonful of the frozen treat and pausing to ride out a "brain freeze."

Deanne McCrae's video shows her cat, Rascal, enjoying a spoonful of ice cream one lick at a time at her Owen Sound home.

Rascal enthusiastically licks up the frozen treat, but ...Read more

Exhausted fawn springs to life in Ohio police officer's arms

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (UPI) -- An Ohio police officer was filmed by a resident rescuing a baby deer that passed out from exhaustion in the middle of a road.

Rebecca Wagner said in a Facebook post the fawn apparently collapsed in the middle of a Columbus street after it became disoriented while following its mother across the road.

"A very sweet young...Read more

Man rides bike while playing violin in Tennessee

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OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (UPI) -- A Tennessee cyclist went hands-free on his bike so he could play a song on the violin while riding around town.

Conor Stout filmed himself riding his bicycle on the streets of Oak Ridge, Tenn., while playing the classical tune "Simple Gifts" on his violin.

The mobile performance was filmed by a camera mounted to Stout...Read more

Squirrel strikes up friendship with cat through window

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ST. LOUIS (UPI) -- A Missouri pet owner filmed their cat's unlikely friendship with a squirrel that became enamored with the feline through the safety of a glass door.

The video, posted to YouTube by Liza Reid, shows the squirrel and cat eying each other up and down through the sliding glass door at a St. Louis home.

The squirrel tries in vain...Read more

Ostrich steals phone from visitor to Texas safari park

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AUSTIN, Texas (UPI) -- An ostrich at a Texas safari park was apparently so annoyed to be filmed eating a piece of offered bread that it snatched the phone from a father's hand.

The video, posted to YouTube by Sean Friedrich, shows a man trying to feed an ostrich -- which he initially misidentifies as "Mr. Emu" -- a piece of bread from his hand....Read more

'Train surfing' man and driver film each other through window

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MELBOURNE (UPI) -- Authorities in Australia said they are investigating a video of a young man "train surfing" by clinging to the outside of a train car while its in motion.

The video, which was purportedly found on an Instagram account, was filmed by a young man riding between the cars of a Melbourne commuter train.

A Melbourne Metro employee...Read more

300 pound bear relocated after stealing from bird feeder

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ORANGE, Mass. (UPI) -- A massive 300 pound bear in Massachusetts was relocated after searching for a snack from a local homeowners bird feeder.

Massachusetts Environmental Police shared photos of the large male bear, which was reported by homeowners at the residential area in the Town of Orange.

"The bear had been seen in the area several ...Read more

Loose cows invade Connecticut dairy bar parking lot

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STORRS, Conn. (UPI) -- A group of cows were seen attempting to investigate a Connecticut dairy bar after escaping from their nearby enclosure.

Employees at the University of Connecticut Dairy Bar told NBC Connecticut that the cows began wandering around the parking lot after finding their way loose from nearby Horsebarn Hill.

It is unclear how...Read more

Driver's poor decisions take car down steep concrete stairs

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SAARLOUIS, Germany (UPI) -- A bad driver who ended up with a wheel going over a stair at a German park doubled-down on his bad decision making and drove down the steps.

A video posted to Facebook by Bjorn Knorst shows a driver at Ravelin V park in Saarlouis with one wheel over the edge of a steep staircase.

The driver takes a moment to decide ...Read more

Colorado bull snake celebrates summer on the barbecue grill

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WESTMINSTER, Colo. (UPI) -- Animal control officers in Colorado shared a photo of a barbecue lover's worst nightmare -- a grill taken over by a gigantic bull snake.

The Colorado Association of Animal Control Officers said in a Facebook post that a Westminster resident snapped a picture Saturday of the large bull snake slithering over the grill'...Read more

Reported dead alligator on Connecticut coast found to be stuffed

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HARTFORD, Conn. (UPI) -- Environmental officials in Connecticut said a reported dead alligator washed up on the state's coast turned out to be 5-foot-long stuffed specimen.

Ted Montanez said he discovered what appeared to be an alligator carcass Sunday while riding his ATV along the coast north of Hartford.

Pictures taken by Montanez show the ...Read more

Tarpon jumps onto fishing boat to escape hammerhead shark

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TAMPA, Fla. (UPI) -- A group of boaters out tarpon fishing off the Florida coast captured the moment a large tarpon jumped onto their boat to avoid a hammerhead shark.

A video posted to YouTube by Ashley Moore shows the tarpon being chased around Captain Rob Gorta's boat June 24 in Tampa Bay.

"Look out, he just attacked the boat," a man's ...Read more

Rescuers race to free blue whale tangled in fishing net

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DANA POINT, Calif. (UPI) -- Rescuers have been attempting to save the life of a blue whale tangled in a fishing net and various fishing gear off the coast of Southern California on Monday.

The 60-to-65-foot long whale, was first spotted about 9:30 a.m. by local whale watching groups near Dana Point, dragging crab lines. The whale appeared to be...Read more

Margay cat gets implanted plates, purple casts to save injured legs

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TUNJA, Colombia (UPI) -- A wild margay cat that suffered numerous leg injuries in an animal attack underwent surgery in Colombia to repair its legs, which are now protected by tiny purple casts.

The Corpoboyaca wildlife agency said in a Facebook post the cat was rescued by villagers who found what they believed to be a baby jaguar drowning in a...Read more

Defiant giraffe refuses to enter nighttime enclosure at London Zoo

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LONDON (UPI) -- A defiant giraffe at the London zoo refused to enter its nighttime enclosure at the behest of a keeper, earning a round of applause when it finally surrendered.

A video filmed Friday evening at the London Zoo shows a keeper putting the giraffes into their nighttime enclosures at 9 p.m., but one defiant giraffe refuses the keeper...Read more

World's tallest bonfire set ablaze in Norway

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ALESUND, Norway (UPI) -- Residents of a Norwegian coastal town stacked wood into a 156-foot-tall tower to break the record for the world's tallest bonfire.

A video posted to Facebook by Bypatrioten Alesund shows residents of Alesund stacking wooden pallets high into the sky to beat the bonfire height record of 141 feet, set in Slovenia in 2007....Read more

Boater films humpbacks up close in Turks and Caicos

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COCKBURN TOWN, Turks and Caicos Islands (UPI) -- A boater off the coast of Turks and Caicos investigated movement under the water and discovered a pod of humpback whales swimming beneath his boat.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by user URZALA prod., shows the humpbacks passing beneath the boat before heading toward the surface.

The whales ...Read more