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Tiny dog Lulu rides big dog Blizzard to adventure

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MOUNT VERNON, Wash. (UPI) -- A tiny dog in Washington has found a best friend and adventure vehicle in another, much larger canine.

Owner David Mazzarella chronicles the adventures of his two pet dogs via their Instagram page, as the diminutive Lulu rides Blizzard across the state.

The pair have visited a number of picturesque locations ...Read more

Firefighters cut through steel bars of sewer grate to free girl's leg

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GUIGANG, China (UPI) -- Chinese firefighters had to saw through the steel bars of a sewer cover to free a young girl whose leg became stuck in the grate.

A video of the rescue in Guigang, Guangxi Province, shows firefighters attempting to remove the girl's leg, which is trapped above the knee between the bars.

The rescuers determine the girl's...Read more

Featherless penguin at SeaWorld given special wetsuit

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ORLANDO, Fla. (UPI) -- A penguin suffering from feather-loss at SeaWorld Orlando has been given a special wetsuit to help keep it warm.

SeaWorld staff created the wetsuit for the female Adelie penguin, known as Wonder Twin, to help her continue to enjoy her habitat in the "Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin" exhibit.

"Wonder Twin is a female ...Read more

VIDEO: 'Cat lord' rides motorcycle with four feline passengers

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HANOI, Vietnam (UPI) -- A Vietnamese animal lover has been dubbed "the cat lord" after a viral video showed him riding a motorcycle with four feline passengers.

The video, posted to Facebook by Nguyen Duy Phuong, shows a man riding a motorcycle down a Hanoi road at night with three cats lounging lazily on the seat behind him.

A fourth feline ...Read more

Restaurant rewards woman who left SUV parked overnight after drinking

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SHERWOOD PARK, Alberta (UPI) -- A woman who parked her SUV at a restaurant overnight returned to find a note thanking her for not driving drunk -- and a voucher for free wings.

Paula Schultz said she and her husband decided to take an Uber home after drinking some wine at Original Joe's in Sherwood Park, Alberta, and she returned almost 48 ...Read more

Kitten found inside engine of Florida woman's SUV

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TARPON SPRINGS, Fla. (UPI) -- A Florida woman discovered a small kitten underneath the hood of her SUV while driving to work on Wednesday morning.

Tarpon Springs Police Department shared video as an officer searched the inside of the engine to discover the black and white kitten.

The woman first spotted the kitten as she walked toward her ...Read more

'Minions' duct tape used to disguise shotgun as 'a toy'

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COVINGTON, La. (UPI) -- Authorities in Louisiana said a traffic stop led to the discovery of heroin, meth and a shotgun disguised as "a toy" using Minions-printed duct tape.

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office said in a Facebook post that members of the St. Tammany Parish Narcotics Task Force conducting a drug trafficking probe stopped a ...Read more

Police capture squirrel who ransacked Canadian home

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OAK BAY, British Columbia (UPI) -- A family in Canada returned from a month-long vacation to find their home had been ransacked by a furry invader.

Sheri Lucas shared photos as two Oak Bay police officers arrived at the scene to find a squirrel had broken into Christine Kiss' and knocked over various household items.

"Great detective work and ...Read more

Wisconsin hunter spares friendly deer after catching encounter on video

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NEW RICHMOND, Va. (UPI) -- A Wisconsin hunter spared the life of a deer after it proved unusually friendly by walking right up to him for a head scratch.

Jordan Maxon of New Richmond said in a YouTube post he had just finished setting up his deer stand in a wooded area and was preparing to climb up for a day of hunting when he noticed a buck ...Read more

Tiny snake smiles after officer uses butter to free it from glue trap

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PORTSMOUTH, Va. (UPI) -- Virginia authorities shared photos of a tiny and "extremely happy" snake after an officer used butter to free it from a glue trap at a resident's home.

Portsmouth Animal Control said in an Instagram post that Officer Brenda Quintana responded to a Portsmouth home Monday on a report of a snake found in a resident's pest ...Read more

Maryland bear photographed walking around on its hind legs

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HANCOCK, Md. (UPI) -- A Maryland black bear is gaining a viral following after a shocked resident snapped photos of the bruin standing on its hind legs.

Brenda Douglas of Hancock said she and her family dubbed the bipedal bear Boo Boo -- named for Yogi's cartoon buddy -- after he made repeated visits to their home during the summer.

Douglas ...Read more

First wild elk sighted in South Carolina in 300 years

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PICKENS COUNTY, S.C. (UPI) -- Wildlife officials have warned South Carolina residents to not approach a wild elk, the first in the area in 300 years.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources shared a photo of the young bull elk grazing in a backyard as they warned residents to keep their distance.

"People get a false sense of ...Read more

Resident's dispute with property management leads to bulldozer smashing van

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DATONG, China (UPI) -- A feud between an apartment resident in China and his property management office escalated to the point where a bulldozer was summoned to smash the man's van.

Video of the incident in Datong, Shanxi Province, shows the bulldozer using its powerful front shovel to crush the van outside of the apartment building Oct. 18.

...Read more

Deer bursts through Ohio window, damages home

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PICKERINGTON, Ohio (UPI) -- A deer burst through a window and ransacked an Ohio woman's home while she was out running errands.

Pickerington police arrived to the scene in disbelief after receiving a call about a 300-pound, 10-point buck causing havoc in the home, according to WCMH.

"When we got there, I looked over at my sergeant and I said, ...Read more

North Carolina woman's lottery lesson to husband backfires with $1M win

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LEICESTER, N.C. (UPI) -- A North Carolina woman who bought a scratch-off lottery ticket to teach her husband a lesson about losing said the plan backfired when she won $1 million.

Glenda Blackwell of Leicester told North Carolina Education Lottery officials her husband, Buddy, asked her to pick up some Powerball tickets Saturday when she popped...Read more

Texas candidate releases humorous ad starring long-suffering wife

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AUSTIN, Texas (UPI) -- A Texas county commissioner is aiming to lighten the tone of the election season with a campaign ad featuring his concerned wife.

Geralf Daugherty, who is seeking re-election to the Travis County Commissioners Court for Precinct 3, released a campaign ad online featuring his wife, Charlyn.

The video begins with the ...Read more

Cubs fan predicted 2016 World Series victory in 1993 yearbook quote

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CHICAGO (UPI) -- A man's 1993 high school yearbook photo is going viral for an unusual reason -- he predicted a 2016 World Series win for the Chicago Cubs.

Michael Lee's senior photo from the yearbook at California's Mission Viejo High School was captioned with an optimistic quote from the former Chicago suburbs resident: "Chicago Cubs. 2016 ...Read more

Dozens of Chinese villagers help beached whale return to sea

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ZHANJIANG, China (UPI) -- Dozens of residents banded together in a Chinese village to rescue a whale that became stranded when it washed up on a beach.

Video of the incident Sunday in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, shows more than 60 people continually dumping water on the small whale after it became beached.

The villagers, with the help of ...Read more

Message in a bottle returned to family in New Hampshire after 50 years

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HAMPTON, N.H. (UPI) -- A man discovered a message in a bottle cast out to sea by a New Hampshire family while on a Caribbean vacation.

Clint Buffington, a musician and writing teacher from Utah, discovered the ancient looking message while on vacation in Turks and Caicos.

"[I found] this coke bottle half buried in the sand -- looked like it ...Read more

Man allegedly tried to swipe officer's phone inside police station

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SHANGHAI (UPI) -- A Chinese police department shared security camera footage of a man attempting to steal a police officer's phone inside the police station.

Footage from the incident Wednesday at a Shanghai police station shows the man unplugging a phone charging on a table at the police station and putting it into his pocket.

The man then ...Read more