Colorado pig 'Miracle' walks on two legs

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COLORADO SPRINGS (UPI) -- A newborn pig in Colorado has overcome a birth defect by learning to walk on its two front legs.

"Miracle the mini pig" was born at Colorado Cutie Pigs on Aug. 31, 2106 without a pair of back legs after his umbilical cord became tangled around the unformed legs as he was born simultaneously with another pig.

"I didnt ...Read more

Minnesota driver waits for mouse to leave her car on side of highway

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MINNEAPOLIS (UPI) -- Police in Minnesota came to the aide of a local woman who pulled over to the side of a highway after finding a mouse in her car.

The Minnesota Department of Traffic shared a photo of the scene as the woman waited for the mouse to leave the vehicle before continuing to drive.

"A motorist is on the left shoulder. Apparently,...Read more

Kansas police: 'Being mad at a presidential candidate' not a good reason to call 911

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LAWRENCE, Kan. (UPI) -- Police in Kansas warned residents against letting their emotions get the best of them in advance of the first presidential debate.

The Lawrence police department shared a tweet on Monday afternoon reminding residents their feelings about the debates were not an appropriate reason to call the emergency number.

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'Brave' man rescues skunk with head stuck in Coke can

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ORILLIA, Ontario (UPI) -- A Canadian man risked being sprayed as he bravely attempted to rescue a skunk with a soda can on its head from a local road.

Video shared to YouTube shows the distressed skunk wandering along a road in Ontario with a Coca-Cola can stuck on its head.

The man, who described the rescue as "The bravest thing I've ever ...Read more

Stray cat 'Banjo' believed to be Britain's oldest

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SOUTHALL, England (UPI) -- A cat who turned up at an animal rescue facility in the United Kingdom could be Britain's oldest at more than 20-years-old.

RSPCA Southall Cattery shared a photo of the elderly black and white cat named "Banjo," who workers believed to be 25-years-old.

"He might possibly be the oldest cat in the UK," the RSPCA said. ...Read more

California mom's sarcastic note blames 'teenage-ism' for daughter's tardiness

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CLARKSBURG, Calif. (UPI) -- A California mom whose daughter requested a note to excuse her tardiness obliged the teen with a tongue-in-cheek letter blaming the girl's "teenage-ism."

Nicole Poppic of Clarksburg posted a photo to Facebook showing the handwritten note she authored after a rough morning with her daughter, Cara, 14, led to the teen ...Read more

Black bear cubs share watermelon that fell from New Jersey woman's deck

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HIGHLAND LAKES, N.J. (UPI) -- A New Jersey woman who went to clean up a watermelon that fell from her back deck received some unexpected help from a pair of cute black bear cubs.

Susan Kehoe of Highland Lakes posted a video to YouTube showing the two bear cubs enjoying a late summer snack earlier this month after the watermelon fell from Kehoe'...Read more

Lottery winner thanks Mountain Dew craving for $1M jackpot

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CANDLER, N.C. (UPI) -- A North Carolina man attributed his recent $1 million lottery prize to the fact that he had a well-timed craving for Mountain Dew.

Candler resident Michael Owenby, a custodian for Buncombe County schools, told North Carolina Education Lottery officials he was helping a friend shop for a car when he decided to dip into an ...Read more

VIDEO: Turkish engineers show off real-life 'Transformers' robot car

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ANKARA, Turkey (UPI) -- A team of Turkish engineers are turning science fiction into science reality by building a real-life "Transformer" that morphs from a car to a giant robot.

Turkish company Letrons posted a video to YouTube showing their creation, which is also dubbed Letrons, taking an outdoor test drive.

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Rams, Seahawks fans team up to rescue man from overturned portable toilet

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LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks fans set aside their differences after a recent game to rescue a fan from an overturned portable toilet.

Jordan Rambis posted a video to Instagram showing a man in a Rams jersey attempting to open the locked door to an overturned portable toilet Sept. 18 following the game in Los ...Read more

VIDEO: Runaway inflatable duck quacks up traffic on Glasgow road

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GLASGOW, Scotland (UPI) -- Drivers dealing with heavy winds in Scotland found themselves stunned by an additional morning commute obstacle -- a giant inflatable duck rolling down the road.

The duck was apparently ripped loose from its tethers Saturday at the Peter Vardy CarStore, located near the Braehead shopping center in Glasgow, and ended ...Read more

Foul-smelling, rare 'corpse flower' blooms at Dartmouth College

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HANOVER, N.H. (UPI) -- A rare flower known for its large size and foul smell bloomed in a greenhouse at Dartmouth college over the weekend.

The university provided an online live stream of "Morphy" the 13-year-old Amorphophallus titanum, or corpse flower.

Morphy was grown from a seed by a private grower in New Hampshire starting in 2003 and ...Read more

VIDEO: French bulldog vocalizes 'love' for his 'mom' in Canada

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LONDON, Ontario (UPI) -- A French bulldog in Canada showed off an unusual trick -- using his voice to express "love" for his mom.

A video posted to YouTube by user Mr. Marcel shows Marcel the French bulldog firing off a series of vocalizations that sound like he's saying, "Mom, mom, I love you!"

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VIDEO: Chinese baby with 31 fingers and toes to get surgery fees waived

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NINGBO, China (UPI) -- Doctors at a Chinese hospital said a baby boy born with a total 31 fingers and toes will receive a series of surgeries free of charge.

Video recorded at Ningbo City Sixth Hospital shows the 6-month-old boy's hands, which bear a total of 16 fingers, and feet, which have a total of 15 toes.

The boy's parents said they were...Read more

Park visitor learns valuable lesson about lions, personal space, and open car windows

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KRUGER NATIONAL PARK, South Africa (UPI) -- A visitor to a South African park received a heart-stopping reminder to respect an animal's personal space -- and to keep windows rolled up around lions.

The video, filmed Sept. 17, shows a lion walking beside a road in Kruger National Park while the filmer follows at a slow speed in a car.

The ...Read more

Target nixes mini-carts for kids after parents suffer bruised ankles, shins

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MINNEAPOLIS (UPI) -- Target announced it is ending a trial run of kid-sized mini-carts at stores in Minnesota and New York after shoppers complained of bruised ankles.

The Minneapolis-based chain announced the mini-carts, which were rolled out at 50 Minnesota stores and 22 New York stores just a few weeks ago, are being removed after the ...Read more

Southern right whale visits fisherman off Africa's southern tip

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L'AGULHAS, South Africa (UPI) -- A fisherman off the southern tip of Africa recorded his rare encounter with a curious whale that swam right up to his boat.

The video, filmed Aug. 17, shows the whale swimming on the surface of the water right next to the fisherman's boat off South Africa's Cape Agulhas.

The fisherman said the creature appeared...Read more

Pair of grizzly bears captured in Canada's Alert Bay

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CORMORANT ISLAND, British Columbia (UPI) -- Conservation officers in Canada captured and relocated a pair of grizzly bears found in an island near British Columbia.

The B.C. Conservation Officer Service shared photos of the two grizzly bears found near Alert Bay on Cormorant Island after officers created a special lure to trap the pair.

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Colorado woman stabbed by her knife-loving dog

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HUDSON, Colo. (UPI) -- A Colorado woman hospitalized with a cut on her arm told authorities she was accidentally stabbed -- by her dog.

Celinda Haynes of Hudson was rushed to Platte Valley Medical Center on Wednesday with a 4-inch-long gash in her arm. Suspicious hospital workers contacted authorities when Haynes told them she was stabbed by ...Read more

Eastern brown snake found hiding in Australian woman's Ugg boot

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ADELAIDE, Australia (UPI) -- An Australian woman discovered the tail of a venomous eastern brown snake slithering into her winter boots as she went to slide them on.

Snake Catchers Adelaide shared a photo of the 3-foot snake, which curled itself up in the fuzzy Ugg boot to escape the cold weather.

"'It's chilly enough for ugg boots today' ...Read more