Michigan $1M lottery winner: 'My knees buckled and I fell to the floor'

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LANSING, Mich. (UPI) -- Fran Price's knees buckled and she couldn't stop crying when she got the call that she'd won Michigan's $1 million Play it Again giveaway.

The 55-year-old, whose family had fallen on hard times recently, said the win will give her family the financial relief they need, mlive.com reported.

"When I saw the number on my ...Read more

Israeli artist crystallizes dress in Dead Sea salt

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LONDON (UPI) -- Israeli artist Sigalit Landau drew inspiration from an old Yiddish play for her new project "Salt Bride," which involved using salt to crystallize a dress.

Landau, partnered with photographer Yotam From, submerged a traditional Hasidic dress in the salt-rich water of Israel's famed Dead Sea for two months and photographed the ...Read more

Washington lottery flashback ad recalls 1970s Seattle Seahawks greats

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SEATTLE (UPI) -- An ad for the Washington state lottery turned back the clock to the late 1970s to promote special Seattle Seahawks-themed lottery prizes.

The ad, titled "1979," features former Seahawks quarterback Jim Zorn and wide receiver Steve Largent driving a Pontiac Thunderbird to a game in 1979.

Zorn and Largent speculate how their ...Read more

17-foot endangered sawfish caught in Florida

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (UPI) -- A fisherman in Florida sought help from local wildlife officials after hooking an enormous endangered sawfish.

Joshua Jorgensen of YouTube channel BlacktipH reeled in the approximately 17-foot long, 700-pound sawfish before contacting the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission for help.

The FWC shared a list of ...Read more

Target to convert storefront spheres into Poke Balls

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MINNEAPOLIS (UPI) -- Target has embraced the popularity of smartphone game "Pokemon Go" by transforming the large red spheres in front of some stores into Poke Balls.

The company announced in a press release that 400 stores across the country will have the solid red bollards repainted to resemble the Poke Balls.

"We wanted to create an extra ...Read more

Federal Reserve Facebook page overrun by Internet 'trolls'

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- The Federal Reserve's newly created Facebook page has been quickly overrun with comments from critics and Internet "trolls."

A press release on Aug. 18 announced the creation of the Facebook page.

"The Federal Reserve Board launched a Facebook page Leaving the Board on Thursday with the aim of increasing the accessibility ...Read more

Artist pays tribute to 'Pokemon Go' with mural on 50-foot wall

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HUNTINGTON, N.Y. (UPI) -- A New York state artist showed his love of Pokemon Go and positive messages with a massive Pokemon mural peppered with inspirational quotes.

Efren Andaluz, 29, aka Andaluz The Artist, used 150 cans of spray paint over the course of 10 days to plaster all 151 first generation Pokemon on the 50-foot wall outside of his ...Read more

Police probe mystery of live shark found in roadside puddle

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ONE TREE HILL, Australia (UPI) -- South Australia police said they have "ruled out the possibility of a Sharknado" in the mystery of a shark found in a roadside puddle.

Police said a member of the public contacted authorities Friday morning to report finding a small shark partially submerged in a roadside puddle in the town of One Tree Hill.

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British Olympians return home to matching luggage puzzle at baggage claim

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LONDON (UPI) -- British Olympians returning from Rio found themselves faced with a challenge as daunting as the Games themselves -- identifying their luggage.

The Team Great Britain members landed Tuesday at London's Heathrow Airport and headed to baggage claim, where they quickly learned the downside of their team's matching red luggage.

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Australian charter boat has unexpected whale encounter

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SYDNEY (UPI) -- A charter boat in Australia accidentally got an up close encounter with a trio of humpback whales.

Barefoot Charters shared video of the "once in a lifetime encounter" to their Facebook page as the large whales swam beneath one of the company's boats traveling from New South Wales to Sydney.

"As we sailed back to Sydney we had ...Read more

Woman uses CPR-like rescue breaths to resuscitate 'dead' baby horse

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WARRALL, Australia (UPI) -- A woman in Australia was recorded successfully resuscitating a "dead" baby horse using a CPR-like lifesaving technique.

Suzanne Hall, who runs the North West Equine Rescue in Warrall, New South Wales, said she found the foal, Esmeralda Sparkles, unresponsive in her stall early Wednesday morning.

Hall was recorded ...Read more

Texas utility worker finds viral fame for dirty job

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ACTON, Texas (UPI) -- A Texas utility worker is being praised online after a viral photo showed him submerged head-first in a filthy puddle to plug a burst pipe.

Andrea Adams said she snapped the photo about a week ago when Acton Municipal Utility District worker Jimmie Cox, 23, submerged himself from the waist up in dirty water to plug a one-...Read more

Australian prospector finds 8-pound gold nugget

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VICTORIA, Australia (UPI) -- An 8-pound gold nugget valued at about $190,000 was discovered by a seasoned prospector in Australia.

According to metal detector manufacturing company Minelab, the anonymous prospector found the nugget while using his metal detector in a worked-over area in the far southern edge of Central Victoria's Golden ...Read more

Canadian fishing tour catch 600-pound 'Pig Nose' fish

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LYTTON, British Columbia (UPI) -- A fishing tour guide and his guests captured a massive 600-pound sturgeon while out on a tour in Canada.

River Monster Adventures shared photos of guide Nick McCabe, 19, and the 10 foot long fish known in the area as "Pig Nose."

"Do you believe in monsters? We sure do! Our guide Nick McCabe and guests brought ...Read more

Police: Man sent ex a live python, searched 'what is stalking' online

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ELKHART, Wis. (UPI) -- A Wisconsin man is facing a stalking charge after he allegedly mailed a live ball python to his ex-girlfriend.

The Sheboygan County District Attorney's Office said Eric Burrows, 37, of Elkhart Lake, made numerous threatening phone calls and emails to his ex-girlfriend and even sent threatening letters to her employer and ...Read more

Snake freed after week stuck in Canada drain

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VICTORIA, British Columbia (UPI) -- A 5-foot long corn snake in Canada was finally captured after city crews spent more than a week trying to remove it from a drain.

The City of Victoria shared a photo of a worker holding the infamous snake which defied several attempts to be removed from the drain.

"It's official, no more snake in the drain,"...Read more

Owl rescued from barbed wire fence

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CANON CITY, Colo. (UPI) -- Wildlife officer in Colorado helped rescue an owl which became stuck after its wings got caught on a barbed wire fence.

Fremont County Sheriff's Office shared photos of Division of Wildlife Officer Holder carefully removing the trapped owl from the fence.

"Officer Holder responded and was able to get the owl out of ...Read more

Woman chases kitten through tollway traffic in Houston

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HOUSTON (UPI) -- Authorities in Texas released video of a woman running around in toll road traffic to try to rescue a loose kitten.

The Harris County Toll Road Authority released video showing the woman holding a towel while chasing the kitten Tuesday around the Sam Houston Tollway, Beltway 8, at Westview.

The video shows seemingly frustrated...Read more

Retired Chicago bus driver wins $2M lottery jackpot while riding the bus

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CHICAGO (UPI) -- A retired Chicago bus driver revisiting his past with a ride on public transport ensured he would stay retired by scratching off a $2 million lottery ticket.

Roy Pittman, 71, a lifelong Chicagoan who recently retired from his job as a Chicago Transit Authority bus driver, said he was riding a bus home from the store when he ...Read more

Woman drops bugs, urinates on N.Y. subway car

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NEW YORK (UPI) -- A woman trying to sell insects on a New York City subway train threw them into the air and began screaming after possibly being punched by a fellow rider, witnesses said.

The woman, who has not been identified, entered the busy D train in Manhattan about 6 p.m. Wednesday and began trying to sell crickets and worms to ...Read more