Business Smarts

Got business smarts?

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Who founded McDonald's?

  • A) Dave Thomas
  • B) Ray Kroc
  • C) Tom Watson
  • D) John Rockefeller

Prior to running Chrysler, what car did Lee Iacocca launch for another car company?

  • A) Pontiac Firebird
  • B) Cadillac Seville
  • C) Ford Mustang
  • D) Chevrolet Impala

What corporate giant is nicknamed "Big Blue"?

  • A) Xerox
  • B) Microsoft
  • C) Proctor and Gamble
  • D) IBM

If you use the term "sku", what are you referring to?

  • A) product inventory
  • B) breakeven analysis
  • C) credit card transactions
  • D) reggae-like music

Who wrote the advertising classic "Scientific Advertising"?

  • A) Seth Godin
  • B) Ted Nicholas
  • C) Claude Hopkins
  • D) David Ogilvy

Who works with GAAP?

  • A) a lawyer
  • B) a computer programmer
  • C) a doctor
  • D) an accountant

What product did Victor Kiam love so much that "he bought the company"?

  • A) Norelco triple-header
  • B) Oster breadmaker
  • C) Kodak instamatic
  • D) Remington shaver

What does "ROI" stand for?

  • A) Run on inventory
  • B) Reversal of interest
  • C) Return on investment
  • D) Register of income

What technique is a salesperson using if they ask you, "would you rather buy two or three today"?

  • A) Puppy dog close
  • B) Ben Franklin close
  • C) Alternate choice close
  • D) Symmetry of opposites close

What is advertising copy on the outside of a direct mail envelope called?

  • A) Envelope copy
  • B) Outside copy
  • C) Suggestive copy
  • D) Teaser copy