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The Only Four Reasons to Do Anything

"I left corporate America a few years ago. While I wouldn't go back in a million years, I have to confess that I'm struggling right now.

"In addition to running my own Internet business out of the house, I'm on the boards of three local ...

How EBay Can Get Its Groove Back

It's hard to believe that eBay, one of the early Internet pioneers that celebrated its 20th anniversary as a public company last year, is viewed by many today as a stodgy, late-stage company. But so it seems.

Earlier this year eBay, under ...

Can Your Business Be Franchised?

"My family and I run a very successful pub business in a Midwestern college town. We have a huge following, and a unique and distinctive railroad-themed image.

"A number of people have approached us wanting to license our business concept. I've...