Sometimes Ya Gotta Be Young

Q: I was let go from a position with a high-technology company earlier this spring.

For the past couple of years, on and off, I have helped an entrepreneur in another state build a high-technology consulting business. He has offered to sell the business to me for a ridiculously small amount of money, and I'm thinking this may well be my ...Read more

A Pep Talk for Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs

For the past couple of years, I have taught an online course on entrepreneurship and small business management for a local university. The course, offered only to MBA students in their final year, carries a pretty demanding workload. Students have to read an 800-page textbook, take a midterm exam (four essay questions) and prepare a business ...Read more

Finding Your Customer's Motivation

Sometimes great business advice comes from the most unlikely source.

Now that summer's here it's time to think about beach reading. I'm not a big fiction reader, but one novelist I always keep track of is Dave Eggers. If you haven't read any Dave Eggers you need to. He makes extremely poignant observations of current world events, and while I...Read more

Can You Trust Financial Statements When Buying a Business?

I don't often review new business books because, quite frankly, most of them don't have much to say (unless they're mine, of course).

However, every once in a while one comes along that's a real game changer. It challenges accepted wisdom, shows you a new way of looking at an old problem or highlights some new development that will force you ...Read more

Can Your Nonprofit Engage in Political Activity?

"A number of years ago some friends and I formed a nonprofit organization to benefit a certain group in our community. It was granted tax-exempt status by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

We strongly feel that our mission will be impacted by the outcome of this year's Presidential election. Both our attorney and ...Read more

Woodstock for Internet Retailers

Since 2008, when eBay stopped its annual eBay Live! trade show, internet retailers -- retailers who sell merchandise on their own website or a large online platform, such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy -- have been looking for an event where they can learn about the latest marketing and management strategies, meet representatives from companies that...Read more

America's Priorities: The Next 50 Years

I have tried really hard to avoid commenting on politics and the presidential election. I think I'm the only syndicated columnist in the United States right now who hasn't weighed in on one side or the other, and believe me, I have tried to resist the temptation to do so as long as I could.

But the political atmosphere does impact the way in ...Read more

Time Management for Solo Consultants

"I have a one-person management consulting practice. I'm doing extremely well since my expertise is in great demand -- maybe a little too well. I'm deluged with phone calls and emails, about 40 or more each day, every single one of which must be responded to.

"I want to give my clients the best and most responsive service I possibly can, but ...Read more

Understanding Millennials

I was amused to read an article in The Wall Street Journal last week about a human-resources consultant who developed a popular (and apparently very lucrative) program to help corporate HR executives "understand this young generation," the millennial generation.

Apparently, this has become a recognized and respectable field for consultants. A...Read more

When an Investment Isn't Debt or Equity

Q: My wife and I have a small construction business. We hired a consultant to help us with our business planning. Since we don't have a lot of cash on hand, we offered to give him some equity in our business.

What he came back with seems a little weird. He says he's willing to put $25,000 into our business to be paid back over two years. He ...Read more

The Graduation Speech Your Kids Really, Really Need to Hear

This column, which originally appeared in May 2009, is one of the most requested and reprinted "Succeeding in Your Business" columns, especially during graduation season.

Members of the Class of 2016:

I was sorry to hear that the reality TV star who was scheduled to be your commencement speaker today had to bow out at the last minute. I was ...Read more

Fundamental Concepts Still Apply

Last year, they shut down the post office in our town.

Well, not exactly. What they did was consolidate three branch offices into a single post office, which they located in a part of town that's absolutely impossible to get to, especially during rush hours.

What's interesting is what they did with the building of the post office they shut ...Read more

When Was Your Last Stockholders Meeting?

Q: My brother and I started a small retail business 10 years ago, and it has done very well.

We always wanted this to be a family business, so several years ago we sold 25 percent of our company's stock to five family members, none of whom are actively involved in the business (although we have given their kids summer jobs every once in a ...Read more


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