Robots will be part of the 2020 Olympics experience in Tokyo

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TOKYO -- Looking to give the 2020 Summer Olympics something a little different -- something a little humanoid -- organizers on Monday unveiled several robots expected to be part of the experience in Tokyo next year.

Technology has been an emphasis during the build-up to the Games -- scheduled to begin a year from Wednesday -- with Panasonic and...Read more

Former Rio de Janeiro governor says he paid bribes to host 2016 Olympics

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RIO DE JANEIRO -- Rio de Janeiro's jailed former Gov. Sergio Cabral testified that he paid $2 million in bribes to secure hosting rights for the 2016 Olympics, according to his lawyer, Marcio Delambert.

Cabral told a judge Thursday the payment yielded a promise that between six and nine members of the International Olympic Committee would cast ...Read more

Olympics, in future, will test local support before awarding Games

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Less than two years after Los Angeles was chosen to host the 2028 Summer Games without any public vote on the matter, the International Olympic Committee is suggesting that future candidate cities might be required to hold an advance referendum.

The recommendation was included in a number of modifications to the traditional bidding process that...Read more

Breakdancing receives provisional approval for Summer Olympics

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Breakdancing, or breaking, has moved one step closer to becoming an Olympic sport.

The International Olympic Committee voted its provisional approval for the addition on Tuesday, also giving a nod to surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing.

Breaking would join the program at the 2024 Summer Games in Paris, with the other three granted a ...Read more

Mayor Eric Garcetti projects $1 billion profit for 2028 LA Olympics

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LOS ANGELES -- The 2028 Olympic Games should turn a record $1 billion profit, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Monday.

Garcetti shared his projection in speaking to the L.A. Sports Summit.

"I believe it to be very realistic," he said. "There is no question we will be in the high hundreds of millions."

Such a surplus would be unprecedented...Read more

2 Italian cities win vote to host 2026 Winter Olympics

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For weeks, it seemed that Italy held the edge in bidding for the 2026 Winter Games. On Monday, Olympic leaders made it official.

The cities of Milan and Cortina d'Ampezzo beat out a rival bid from Sweden on a 47-34 vote as the International Olympic Committee made good on its desire to return to a traditional winter sports setting.

"The passion...Read more

Gabriele Grunewald, former national distance champion, dies after decade-long battle with cancer

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MINNEAPOLIS -- On the day she learned she had cancer, Gabriele Grunewald made a decision that would define the rest of her life. Though she had a track meet the following afternoon, her coaches with the Gophers told her she could sit out the 1,500 meters, thinking she might need time to process the devastating news.

She wouldn't hear of it. "It...Read more

San Diego abruptly withdraws as host of first World Beach Games

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It was only four years ago that San Diego beat out several major cities around the world for the right to host the inaugural World Beach Games, a new Olympic-style competition meant to be cost-effective and attractive to a new generation of fans.

On Thursday -- months before competition was set to begin -- news broke that the international ...Read more

Breakdancing tries to catch on as an Olympics sport

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LOS ANGELES -- A thudding beat fills the nightclub, music so loud it rattles your bones. Emerging from the crowd, a guy in white sneakers and a bright yellow hoodie skitters onto the empty dance floor.

With plenty of room to move, he drops suddenly, catching himself on one hand and kicking his legs in the air. The next thing you know, he flips ...Read more


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