Olympic athletes earn the right to market themselves during 2020 Games

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It has been an Olympic tradition every bit as predictable as the torch relay.

Before every Games, athletes would complain about a regulation that prevented them from marketing themselves at a time when they could reap the biggest profits.

Now the controversial Rule 40 is changing.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee ...Read more

Anti-doping authorities find 'inconsistent' data from Russian testing lab

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Less than a year before the 2020 Summer Olympics, Russia could face critical sanctions after anti-doping authorities found "inconsistencies" in data from a Moscow testing lab.

The World Anti-Doping Agency announced Monday that it has opened a formal compliance procedure, giving Russian officials three weeks to answer a list of questions and ...Read more

Beijing makes a predictable choice for 2022 Olympic mascot

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With Beijing already preparing to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, organizers made a surprising choice for their official mascot.

Not really.

In a ceremony at a hockey arena on Tuesday, Chinese officials announced that a cartoon panda named Bing Dwen Dwen will serve as the icon for their Games.

Bing is the Chinese character for "ice" and Dwen ...Read more

Cue the snow machines: Winter may be coming to Summer Games in sweltering Tokyo

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Snow-making machines are no stranger to the Winter Olympics, where host cities have long sought mechanical help to cover bare patches on ski runs. But Tokyo is now considering the technology for a very different use at the 2020 Summer Games.

They want the machines to spray spectators.

With blazing temperatures and high humidity in the summer, ...Read more

'A moment of reckoning.' Senators release Olympic abuse investigation, propose reform

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WASHINGTON -- After an 18-month Senate investigation found the U.S. Olympic Committee failed to protect athletes from sexual abuse, a pair of senators wants to empower Congress to dissolve the committee.

Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kansas, and Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut, released Tuesday the results of their investigation, which found ...Read more