Tiger Woods leaves Torrey Pines encouraged for 2018

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Woods' biggest challenge this weekend came when he had the driver in his hands. He averaged 303.1 yards off the team (ranking 16th here), but for the third straight round he hit only 3 of 14 fairways. Woods ranked 77th in driving accuracy among the 77 players who competed over the weekend.

According to ESPN Stats and Info, the 17 fairways hit were the fewest of Woods' career (by three).

Woods said he will need time on the range as well as in tournaments to work it out.

"Unfortunately, it's both because game time speed is very different than hometown speed," Woods said. "These are some of the narrowest fairways on the whole tour. When I don't have my best stuff, and on top of that these are narrow fairways, not it's windy. It just compounded it. It made it very difficult for me, anyways. I don't know about the rest of these guys, but it was tough for me."

Long gone, it seems, are the yips that plagued Woods a couple of years ago. His chipping was fantastic this week.

"The short game wasn't something I was worried about coming into this week," Wood said. "I knew what I could do, what I've been doing at home. That wasn't going to be the issue."

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His putting also was good -- at least when he wasn't interrupted by an overexuberant fan.

Woods was disrupted in the midst of a 10-foot birdie putt on the par-5 13th hole. A spectator shouted "Get in the hole" while Woods was bringing his putter forward to hit the ball.

Woods missed the putt and gestured toward the fan with a look of disgust before tapping in for par and walking away from the hole shaking his head.

Other spectators shouted "C'mon, man," at the fan, some suggesting he be escorted from the premises for the outburst.


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