Giants DC Wink Martindale: Things are 'fine' with coach Brian Daboll but 'I can't predict the future'

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NEW YORK — Wink Martindale said his relationship with Brian Daboll is “fine,” but the Giants’ defensive coordinator can’t say what will happen when the season ends.

“As far as where I’m gonna be at, no one knows that,” Martindale said Friday morning. “I say we, [my wife Laura] and myself, worked long enough and hard enough in this league that you hope you have all kinds of choices. I might be grabbing my golf clubs and go to play golf in Florida. Hopefully it’s a raise. Don’t we all want raises? Yeah, we all do. So you just don’t know what’s gonna happen. I can’t predict the future.”

But does Martindale want to be here?

“Yeah,” Martindale said. “Yeah.”

When pressed on the report from Fox’s Jay Glazer that suggested Martindale might not even finish the season on staff, he said:

“I’m still here today. Every time my key card works, it’s not like I go there and it works and I go, ‘YEAH!’ ” Martindale said, pumping his fist sarcastically. “I’ll be like, ‘Hey, this doesn’t work anymore.’ … I don’t make that decision. So I can’t answer that question.”


Martindale said he hates that this has become a story because it has taken away from how well his players are playing.

“This game always has been and always will be about the players, and I want to keep it that way,” Martindale said. “I owe the players my composure.”

He said Daboll informed him of Glazer’s report on the field after the Giants’ win over the Patriots before the bye week, hours after the report came out.

“Here’s what he told me. I say he, Brian,” Martindale said. “After the game, he goes, ‘Hey, there’s a report out that you and I aren’t getting along and that you’re gonna be fired.’ I said, ‘I don’t pay attention to that.’ … I said, ‘I woke up Sunday morning in Washington, and there’s a google alert on my phone … I saw the four replacements that we had for me here in New York.

“So if you sat there and based your life off of what you read, you’d be very miserable,” the defensive coordinator added. “I refuse to do that. I care too much about these players. We care too much about these players and their success and building a program here that I’m just not gonna let it affect me.”

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