Winning streak has p-word percolating in Broncos locker room despite long odds: 'We have playoff aspirations'

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The road ahead remains long.

The odds aren’t quite in Han Solo territory anymore, but the math still isn’t great.

In the moments after Denver’s 21-20, last-minute Sunday night win against Minnesota, however, the Broncos locker room crossed a certain kind of football threshold.

The P-word started percolating.

Four straight wins will do that.

A brutal start to the season feels like ancient history.


Success now isn’t measured in just figuring out how to win a game.

From here on out, the only real success is figuring out a way to keep playing past the first weekend of January.

“When we were 1-5, you’d just beg for anything,” Broncos defensive lineman Zach Allen told The Denver Post. “Now we’ve got playoff aspirations and a lot of guys in this locker room have played playoff football and know what it takes. Obviously, we’re happy with the win and you’ll take them, but we’re going to face some really good teams down the stretch and we can’t allow ourselves to keep making those mistakes.”

Those mistakes include allowing 175 rushing yards and a pair of red zone touchdowns. They include letting Minnesota quarterback Josh Dobbs escape their clutches for a touchdown pass and 10-yard touchdown run.


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