Ron Cook: Browns fans deserve better than this

Ron Cook, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on

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PITTSBURGH — I am going to write a sentence I never thought I would write:

I pity Cleveland Browns fans.

You might not like reading that line or this one:

Browns fans are exactly like Steelers fans.

Knowledgeable. Passionate. Loyal.

They are as great a group of fans as there is in sports.


There is a big difference between Steelers fans and Browns fans, of course. Steelers fans have been rewarded many times over the years by their football team. Browns fans seem doomed to suffer forever.

I really do feel sorry for them.

The distraction created for the Browns last week by running back Kareem Hunt almost seems like piling on. He is not even the starter — that's the great Nick Chubb — but he has asked to be traded unless he gets a new contract. It's not as if beleaguered coach Kevin Stefanski doesn't have enough to handle.

Deshaun Watson, right?


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