Mac Engel: Dak Prescott is setting the wrong kind of NFL record for Cowboys

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FORT WORTH, Texas — The Pro Football Hall of Fame routinely collects various items for display, and what needs to be included now is a bronze die cast of Dak Prescott's right arm.

From the shoulder down to the fingernails, the whole thing needs to be on display in Canton. Maybe for study at Johns Hopkins med school, too.

On first glance, Dak's 58 pass attempts in the Dallas Cowboys' season opener merely answered any concerns whether he was "all the way back" from both his ankle surgeries and the sore shoulder that kept him out of preseason games.

On second glance, those 58 attempts look potentially historic. And potentially troublesome. Maybe even alarming.

Because math is not favorite subject, I called my good friends at the Elias Sports Bureau to see if what Dak is doing is historic.

According to Elias, Dak Prescott is the first passer in NFL history to "have 55-or-more pass attempts in at least three games of a four-game span."


Also of note, from Elias, "Over his last five games, Dak Prescott has 1,993 passing yards (Sept. 20, 2020 to Sept. 9, 2021). That ties the NFL record for passing yards for any player over any five-game span.

"Interestingly enough, it's Prescott himself who previously had that record. So he has two five-game spans of 1,993 passing yards and no other player has reached that many passing yards over a five-game span."

Of course, this record includes games all the way back in 2020, but the trend is the trend. The trend is the Cowboys love Dak slinging it, and when he slings it too much they lose.

Under head coach Mike McCarthy and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, the Dallas Cowboys are not an Ezekiel Elliott team but a Dak Prescott team.


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