Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says he'd be OK with delaying training camp

Bob Condotta, The Seattle Times on

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SEATTLE -- NFL training camps remain scheduled to start on July 28.

But Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Friday he hopes the league will consider pushing that date back if needed to make sure that all players, coaches and support staff are kept safe in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Whatever we need to do to do this right is what I hope we do," Carroll said during an interview on ESPN 710 Seattle Friday with host John Clayton. "If we've got to slow down a little bit to get started, that would be OK. There (are) a lot of unsettled issues right now between the league and the players."

Indeed, with just over two and a half weeks remaining to the scheduled start of camp, the league and the Players Association still have what Pro Football Talk termed in a headline Friday "major issues" still to be resolved.

Among those are whether there will be two preseason games (the league's preference) or none (which is what the players want); exactly how testing protocols will work; and if salaries could be impacted (the league has suggested keeping 35% of the player salary pool in escrow, which is being viewed as making it easier for the league to cut salaries later, if the number of games is impacted).

Players have reacted strongly on social media and elsewhere to some of the recent ideas floated by the league, including former Seahawk Richard Sherman, who is now on the executive committee of the NFLPA and tweeted Friday that "we haven't agreed to anything in their proposal."


In a story detailing Sherman's tweet, PFT floated the idea the league could "temporarily pause" the beginning of training camp to "allow for the appropriate consideration and conclusion" of the issues between the league and players.

The NFL Network reported Friday afternoon that the league and the NFLPA's Executive Committee have a call scheduled for Monday to try to work through issues.

And what's clear is that players seem increasingly concerned as camp nears and the outbreak shows no sign of slowing down.

Seahawk linebacker/end Bruce Irvin wondered on Twitter this week if the NFL is "going to give the players an option to play or not?"


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