Impish Joe Montana has an unassailable Super Bowl prediction: 'My team will win'

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You may not know it the way he cold-heartedly snatched victory from a conga line of disheartened opponents during his playing days, but Joe Montana has an impish side.

Throwing wadded up adhesive tape at unsuspecting teammates in the locker room? Yeah, he did that.

"Borrowing," bicycles, the prime transportation when the 49ers trained at Sierra College in Rocklin? Yeah he did that.

Advising his offensive teammates that comedian John Candy was in the stands as they waited to start the 92-yard drive that would win Super XXIII against the Cincinnati Bengals? Yeah, he did that, too.

So it could hardly have been a surprise when Montana tweeted his take on the upcoming Super Bowl: "You heard from me first. I GUARANTEE my team will win the SUPER BOWL!!"

For those of you who are coming late to the festivities, Joe Montana played the final two years of his Hall of Fame career with the Kansas City Chiefs. And yes, he posted that photo of his shrine from his house, too.


But seriously, folks, Montana can take it down a notch, as he did while talking to the L.A. Times' Sam Farmer:

"It's hard to pick between," Montana said. "Yeah, we live here in San Francisco, so there's a little bit of a different feel, just because you don't have that touch with Kansas City all the time. But there's a place in my heart for them both. Kansas City was so good and accepting of us coming in there. It's not easy, and there's a lot of expectation. But like (wife) Jen says, I'm guaranteed my team will win."

Ready for another, more serious revelation?

"Here's how it goes," Montana told Farmer by phone Monday. "I played in San Francisco, played in Kansas City, but I grew up in Pittsburgh when they were winning Super Bowls when I was a kid. So you can add the Steelers to that list of confusion. In fact, I actually tried to go to Pittsburgh before I got to Kansas City. Tried to just go home."


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