Tyreek Hill denies harming girlfriend in 2014 domestic violence incident in full audio

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The full 11-minute recording of a conversation between Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill and fiancee Crystal Espinal was aired in its entirety on a Kansas City radio station Tuesday afternoon.

The full audio, played by 610 AM, filled in the gaps of the recording initially played by KCTV-5 in abbreviated clips on April 25.

The NFL and the Chiefs have already heard the full recording, a league source told The Star, and it was part of the NFL's investigation into the domestic abuse probe involving Hill and Espinal.

The majority of the new material centered around Hill's 2014 arrest for domestic abuse by strangulation against Espinal when he was a student at Oklahoma State.

Hill was dismissed from the football team and pleaded guilty to the charge in August 2015 and served three years probation, but he denied the incident took place in the audio aired Tuesday.

The conviction was dismissed in August 2018 and was expunged after he completed his probation requirements.


Hill: That 2014 (expletive), that's old. That's a lie too. On me, that's a lie.

Espinal: But you sitting here calling me a b---- and everything else --

Hill: But that's what you is, bro. You (expletive) ruined my life. You lied on me in 2014.

Espinal: How did I lie about --


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