Pelicans appear to have found their way back to relevancy, while Celtics may have missed window

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NBA rules prohibit a lot of the trades agreed upon to sit in purgatory until the new business year (which begins July 6), which is awkward enough. But on draft night, especially when picks were flying around like crazy, it's just plain dumb.

Take De'Andre Hunter, the No. 4 overall pick. After hearing his name called, he walked onto the stage with purple and gold lights shining, a Lakers cap about to go on his head. That pick, of course, belonged to New Orleans via the Davis deal. An hour or so before the draft, it was clear that New Orleans had dealt it to Atlanta, meaning his hat was now two teams removed from relevancy.

By the time the second round rolls around, it's almost impossible to keep track of who has what pick, and faster processing of trades, say a period before and during the draft where these trades can be made official, would make things easier.

While in a complaining mood, let's make the "green room" smaller. There were more than 20 players waiting with cameras on them to be picked and, of course, a handful had their waits extend into the second round, complete with obligatory camera shots of their nervous, disappointed faces.

Winner: NBA hobbyists

While all of this was happening, the basketball internet got blessed with a good ol' fashioned rap beef.

It started early Thursday when Sacramento's Marvin Bagley III released a song called "No Debate," with lines including "your bars out of style / it sounds like your retired, homie" aimed at Damian Lillard.

Lillard, regarded by some people as the best rapper in the NBA, fired back with the subtly titled "MARVINNNNNN???"


"Was about to pass 'cuz you still in a Pamper, bruh. / Never seen Floyd spar with amateurs," he snarled. " ... You're a clown, so go enjoy the circus."

After the draft had been completed, Bagley released another diss track, "Checkmate."

"I'm fittin' to turn this Dame Dolla to chump change," Bagley rapped.

Good times.

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