Why was Pete Rose, MLB's all time hit leader, banned from baseball?

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Was Caught Using Illegal Substances
Picked Too Many Fights
Never Followed Proper Rules
Bet On Games While Team Manager

Yogi Berra played which position for the Yankees?

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Third Base

In the 1932 World Series who gave up the famous called shot home run to Babe Ruth?

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Burliegh Grimes
Charlie Root
Lefty Grove
Robin Roberts

Which Padre hit 3 home runs in a game in April 2018?

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Will Myers
Christian Villanueva
Eric Hosmer
Hunter Renfroe

Which baseball player has the nicknames "Sir Albert" and "The Machine"?

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Albert Pujols
Albert Belle
Jason Bay
Jeff Bagwell

What pitcher led the Boston Red Sox with most strike outs in the 2018 MLB season?

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Matt Barnes
Chris Sale
Rick Porcello
David Price

What was the Texas Rangers' longest winning streak of the 2008 season?

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Nine Games
Three Games
Five Games
Eight Games

Who tossed out the ceremonial first pitch at the 1976 World Series?

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Mickey Mantle
President Gerald Ford
Ex-President Herbert Hoover
Joe DiMaggio

Randy Johnson pitched for which Major League Baseball team in 1999?

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New York Yankees
Detroit Tigers
Arizona Diamondbacks
Oakland A's

Which baseball term is defined as "an outfielder running after a fly ball"?

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Sacrifice Bunt
Wild Pitch
Utility Man
On His Horse

What player went by the nickname "Piano Legs"?

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Johnny Lucadello
George Gore
Art Devlin
John Boccabella



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